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International Women's Day- Women Make it Happen

Hello Beautiful Ladies! As you know, International Women's Day just pass on March 8, 2002, but we know we celebrate women every single day! Speaking of celebrating…there is no better way to celebrate than to feature the woman who started Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Wendy Diamond truly an entrepreneur to her core! In fact, I was honored to have interviewed her on the Opportunity Knocks Podcast.

Wendy Diamond is a Social Entrepreneur, Impact Investor, Humanitarian, Endangered Animal and Rescue Advocate, World’s Premiere Pet Lifestyle expert, Best-Selling Author, and TV Personality. Wendy revolutionized the pet industry by creating premiere pop culture benefits to endorse animal adoption, advocacy, and fundraising. Wendy learned at a young age after experiencing a personal tragedy, that there is a positive silver lining to everything! Although one might not always realize the benefits immediately coming from a tragic situation, it will be revealed in one year, five years, or even a decade. And when it appears, it does so as a bright shining triumph, Wendy is the living proof! If you haven’t yet, check out my blog on obstacles and opportunities!

I was so lucky to have met Wendy through