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Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Who’s ready to transform in 2023? The true definition of transformation is to have a thorough or dramatic change in appearance. A metamorphosis. When I read that my first instinct was, “I’m IN.” What’s the visual that comes to your mind? For me, an immediate image of me surrounded by beautiful blue butterflies flying all around me. I’m celebrating this change with my hands wide open, receiving this life-lasting gift. We talk about change often, this image I conjure up is the result of several stages, steps and iterations of myself as I transform layer by layer; shedding of different parts of me to love the skin I am in. Earlier this month I released our blog Take Action - What are you waiting for? But seriously, it’s time to truly transform. These past few years have been rather static and I’m not clear it has served us. It’s time to conjure up that visual of your dream and bring it to life. Permission granted.

People often ask me what I do for a living, and well, as an entrepreneur I wear many hats. I always reply with leadership training and coaching. Next question, what is that? I run a female empowerment company that focuses on entrepreneurship with a combined approach of business and wellness. You see, I also do a ton of business and marketing (internally and externally for clients), podcast host, moderate and form the membHership community, and have a coaching practice - to name a few main things.

Coaching and service are at the forefront of EmpowHer Purpose whether that be through my one on one clients, the MembHership or frankly, being the host of the Opportunity Knocks podcast. Many people ask me why I left marketing as a profession, and became a coach. Honestly, in the midst of my major transition in my career it was my coach who changed my life forever. They recommended me to the profession of coaching 20 years ago, when no one knew what a coach was. My answer is simple: I love people, to serve,

connect, strategize, listen, collaborate, and to see each person at their greatest value. As a podcast host several guests have mentioned their ability to be vulnerable and open up on a level they haven’t felt comfortable with and that they enjoy my interviewing style. I believe one of my greatest gifts is to build trust and disarm people, allowing them to let down and show up as their true selves. I inform them prior to the call I treat it like a coaching session so I flow in the moment, listen deeply, get curious. I am not afraid to ask tough questions, if I want to know more I go there and ask in a kind way. I am delighted to celebrate the release of 75 episodes with amazing women and men who inspire me to show up, follow through and be and do better daily. They live the word entrepreneurship in the good, the bad, and the ugly. They commit to transformation and sitting into all the unknowns of success as our society defines it. I have immense gratitude for these women and men. The variety of people I interview in business and wellness is a testament to my love for people and connection but the ability to truly see each person is one of my gifts.

What is a transformational coach any way? And what are the core benefits of working with a coach? I want to be clear that I was called to coaching. It was an innate desire to truly serve people and create positive lasting change in all parts of their lives, not just career to be clear. I focus on a whole 360 life approach aligned with your values, dreams and goals. I was honored to be named Top 1% Transformational Coach by Yahoo Finance in 2021 and Top 8 Coaches in USA Today that same year. What a blessing!

As you can see Transformation Coaching delivers a lot of value. My hope is that when you are seeking transformation this year you recall this blogpost and determine that seeking the support of a coach can only help motivate you to gain clarity and take steps to reach your goals.

Transformational coaching can prove to be helpful in life, career, business, leadership, etc. The purpose of a coach is to help their client improve personal development, performance, and growth.

  1. Clarity of vision

  2. Discovery of core values and self awareness

  3. Increase confidence & motivation

  4. Empowerment - growth mindset

  5. Explore your strengths and weaknesses

  6. Develop a plan and structure

  7. Identify and Reach Goals

  8. Define your life purpose

  9. Refocus and mindset awareness

  10. Boost confidence and self worth

  11. Stress management and self care

  12. Accountability toward goal

  13. Improved interpersonal skills & relationships communication

  14. Define your own happiness, balance and strive to achieve it

As you can see Transformational Coaching delivers a lot of value as you hear from the testimonials from a few of my clients in today's post here. My hope is that when you are seeking transformation this year you recall this blogpost and determine that seeking the support of a coach can only help motivate you to gain clarity and take steps to reach your goals.

Friends, life is an adventure. Let's commit to getting unstuck. Let’s get sticky, take action and transform together! So just as we pick a word for the year (and in my case month, week and day) what’s your image that you have conjured up to help you transform in 2023. I’m stuck on the visual of the blue butterflies surrounding me and you? As you know, I am all about signs, rituals and symbols and these butterflies represent my community of women that surround me as I transform through all stages of my life. Thank you for showing up for me as I do for you. 2023 transforming YOU!

This month I have an introductory offer valid through February 15, 2023. Coaching packages are 15% off! Use Promo Code NEWYEAR2023. For clarification on our offerings and for booking sessions, click here. Choose any of our offerings including: Coaching, Discovery Session, Vision Board Session, Values Card Session, Akashic Record Reading, MembHership, or Marketing Consultation.

Cheers to to this amazing life we life - embrace it! Don't just live life love the life you live!

Be well. Do well. All my best,

P.S. Looking to create change or transform your life? Learn how one-on-one coaching can help you today! Check out our website for a full list of benefits.


Join the EmpowHer Community and enjoy your annual MembHership benefits which include monthly expert calls.

THIS MONTH - Receive guidance for 2023! Don't miss our next expert call is with Debbie Johnson, Professional Medium and Owner of She brings messages from your Angels to you by channeling Archangels, passed loved ones, spirit guides, and healing. These messages include information about your future, your health, and any other subject where guidance is needed

Join us on Wednesday, February 1st, 12:00p.m. - 1:00p.m. Pacific.

Define your Purpose. Pursue your plan. Take charge of your life.

  • Monthly LIVE 30-min Community Coaching Call with Top 1% Certified Transformational Coach by Yahoo Finance Michelle Valenzuela Wolf

  • Exclusive Facebook group

  • Monthly expert workshop calls on relevant entrepreneurial topics from your community members (marketing, finance, business strategy, social media, sales, etc.)

  • Two: 30-min coaching sessions a year valued at $325

  • Exclusive 20% discount on other EmpowHer events and retreats (including the Get Grounded and Goal Getting workshop above!)

  • Free access for 24 hours to all workshops, thereafter fee applied

  • Free access to recorded content on exclusive group

  • One exclusive networking & community building event per year

  • Opportunities to connect with other female entrepreneurs and experts in every category


Celebrating the 75 episodes of the Opportunity Knocks Podcast. This amazing podcast is rich with content and inspiration from female entrepreneurs in business and wellness. Plus, FREE coaching guidance. It is not only in the top 25% of podcasts downloaded but it holds a five-star rating. If you are looking for inspiration as you start the new year my suggestion is for you to tap into these entertaining and enlightening interviews. I've listed our last 3 interviews for your enjoyment.


Ellen Chen is the Cofounder of Mendocino Farms a premium fast casual sandwich and salad shop.

Over the years she has invested and advised dozens of food brands both in the restaurant and CPG space. Debbie Johnson is a Psychic/Medium with a special connection to the Angelic Realm and has been working with clients all over the world for 20+ years.

E76: Debbie Johnson, Celebrity Medium & Channel to the Ange Chef Anne Thornton is a classically trained chef known for creating delicious, nutrient-dense, plant-based food to help people heal themselves.

I believe we can take, make, create and evaluate opportunities! This segment was created at the start of the pandemic for women to do just that - to realize they have and that there are opportunities!


Wellness is a way of life! Interested in learning more about clean living from beauty to mindfulness to cleanses and food contact me! We are excited for our new product launch check out the hyaluronic lip balm. Perfect for these dry winter months. Want to join my team? Learn about clean beauty and wellness with BEAUTYCOUNTER.

Have questions about clean beauty or want to place an order? Contact me at

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