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Updated: 7 days ago

Who’s ready to transform in 2023? The true definition of transformation is to have a thorough or dramatic change in appearance. A metamorphosis. When I read that my first instinct was, “I’m IN.” What’s the visual that comes to your mind? For me, an immediate image of me surrounded by beautiful blue butterflies flying all around me. I’m celebrating this change with my hands wide open, receiving this life-lasting gift. We talk about change often, this image I conjure up is the result of several stages, steps and iterations of myself as I transform layer by layer; shedding of different parts of me to love the skin I am in. Earlier this month I released our blog Take Action - What are you waiting for? But seriously, it’s time to truly transform. These past few years have been rather static and I’m not clear it has served us. It’s time to conjure up that visual of your dream and bring it to life. Permission granted.

People often ask me what I do for a living, and well, as an entrepreneur I wear many hats. I always reply with leadership training and coaching. Next question, what is that? I run a female empowerment company that focuses on entrepreneurship with a combined approach of business and wellness. You see, I also do a ton of business and marketing (internally and externally for clients), podcast host, moderate and form the membHership community, and have a coaching practice - to name a few main things.

Coaching and service are at the forefront of EmpowHer Purpose whether that be through my one on one clients, the MembHership or frankly, being the host of the Opportunity Knocks podcast. Many people ask me why I left marketing as a profession, and became a coach. Honestly, in the midst of my major transition in my career it was my coach who changed my life forever. They recommended me to the profession of coaching 20 years ago, when no one knew what a coach was. My answer is simple: I love people, to serve,

connect, strategize, listen, collaborate, and to see each person at their greatest value. As a