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Fall is my favorite season! F. Scott Fitzgerald sums it up perfectly when he said, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” Even though the weather is predictably warm in Los Angeles this time of year, I can physically feel and see the transitional period that is well underway. Fall signifies an opportunity for change, transition, and transformation. The weather is changing by becoming crisper, the children are settled in school, and the holidays are visible just around the corner. Just like the seasons, we too, have the ability to change if we choose to embrace the change. Are you interested in creating lasting change? Do you believe in the power to transform?

The one thing we know for certain is that change is constant. As humans, we are in a continuous state of evolution, both physically and mentally. And we know that I have been embracing a lot of change coming off the celebratory Opportunity Knocks podcast for my birthday released last week. My dear friend, Neidda, took the lead in interviewing me for this very special birthday episode.

I’ve experienced an overwhelming amount of transitions which has lead to amazing transformations this year. These transitions brought several emotions; joy, sadness, overwhelm, and excitement. The list could go on and on… Frankly, I welcomed all the emotions in as change is not always pretty or easy. What we do know is growth is on the other side of those experiences. The biggest transitions has been within my household. At the start of the summer, I had my three girls living under one roof. Now one is off to Ohio for college, one is an upperclassman, and the other entered her last year of elementary school. Life feels fragmented and disjointed to say the least!

I wanted to take some time to update you on everything I’ve been up to this summer. Just in case, like me, you blinked, and the summer whirled by. To give you a sneak peek before we dive right in, I’ve been focusing on personal and spiritual growth. This growth has led me to learn how to best integrate new practices into my personal coaching theories. I am always looking at new ways to best serve my clients to create lasting change. Serving my clients is what motivates and inspires me every day to continue to learn new modalities and challenge the state quo. I am beyond excited to grow in a way that best serves our MembHership community at Empowher Purpose and beyond!

So are you ready?!?!? Let's discuss two transformative ways to reduce stress, and anxiety, get grounded and be more present in our joy so that when the holiday season comes, we can access these tools.

2 Tools to Transform