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Breathing techniques to help rid the body of toxins and promote overall well-being with deep, intentional breathing that can facilitate the release of physical, emotional, and mental toxins stored in the body clearing out energetic blockage and leading to feelings of relaxation, clarity, and vitality.

Our Breath!

A powerful tool we all possess within that can revolutionize our lives

Did you know?


of people unconsciously hold their breath while reading or responding to text. Are you holding your breath right now? 


of doctor's visits are linked to stress? 


of your body's toxins reside in your gut?


This is where the power of the breath comes in. It's a tool that can help you release the toxins trapped within your body. This breathwork detox is unlike others. You will learn how to harness the breath to stimulate body's natural detoxification processes and bring mental clarity while connecting to your deeper self. 

Everyone is trying to lose weight, live healthy and detox... sometimes the way that you need to lose isn't on your physical body. - Kurtis Lee Thomas


journey to Transformation

I love helping other people connect their mind, body, and spirit in meaningful and impactful ways! To better equip myself with greater tools to serve others, I'm constantly on a journey to delve deeper into myself and my practices.

I recently completed the Breathwork Detox certification program with Kurtis Lee Thomas, a leading corporate mindfulness trainer. I am excited to share this transformative program and what I've learned with you where you'll have the opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in this life-changing practice.

You're invited to join Kurtis' on-going sessions or reserve a personalized session with me. Let's embark on this journey together toward enhanced well-being and self-discovery!

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Ready for Clarity?

Intrigued? How could you not be? One hour will shift your entire perspective.

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