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Michelle Valenzuela Wolf


Transformational coach, wellness warrior, motivator, Opportunity Knocks podcast host.

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Hi, I'm Michelle

, and this is my story.

Michelle Wolf

My Roots. I am the wonderful product of immigrant Germa-Mex parents. In particular, a strong German mother—an intuitive, highly spiritual woman who would give her all to serve others, who I am forever grateful for. My father, on the other hand, was the resilient risk-taker and always encouraged me to believe in myself. He pushed me to become the strong entrepreneur I am today. My cultural background deeply influences my love for people, languages, and cultures, and propels me to encourage teams and individuals to be curious, observe, and learn all parts of themselves. My Germa-Mex upbringing ingrained my three most fundamental core values: inspiration, connection, and community.


The Company. I founded EmpowHer LA (now EmpowHer Purpose), an integrated business and wellness community network, after incubating the idea with my first women’s group for seven years. EmpowHer LA was born in November 2017 by my passion and desire to serve women in their transitions, seeing them strive to reach their goals and dreams. It wasn’t until my mother fell ill with Alzheimer’s that I took the steps to bring my idea to a larger audience. So many talented women sit with gifts and ideas at their feet, waiting… I knew I would never forgive myself if I didn’t try to bring this concept forward. I was determined to launch.

Who Am I? Your Coach. I am a super fun, friendly, curious, approachable, spiritual, analytical, kind-hearted, idea generator, connector, reflective, strategic thinker, life-long learner. I believe we are all multi-dimensional beings with so much to offer—no matter where you come from or your life story. I am your ultimate motivator and no matter the goal, I know I am amazing at championing you to discover, create, and land successful transitions. No matter the objective, I will be there to reach and realize your dreams.

"No matter the objective, I will be there to reach and realize your dreams."

My combined spirituality, tools to manage stress and manifest, and background in business make me unique and posed to understand both the worlds of business and wellness. Seventeen years ago, I launched myself into the world of wellness. I began my journey: diving deep with my love of training and running marathons, yoga, chi gong, acupuncture, aura readings, chakra cleansings, personal growth workshops, bodyworkers, energetic healing, and more… These experiences shaped me in understanding the importance of self-care, self-love, and being aligned with our body and mind.

Today, I hold so many gifts and talents—far beyond corporate marketing: transformational and values coach, goal-oriented motivator, mother, wellness warrior. I acutely understand the challenges of work-life balance and what it takes to manifest significant career/life transitions because I have gratefully lived and learned them.

My journey thus far has taught me many things, but most importantly, my love for collaboration and that, as women, we need to trust our inner confidence and know we are better when we champion each other! I commit to walking on this journey of growth with you.


I love living in Los Angeles, California oozing optimism to my husband of 22 years, three daughters, and loyal dog.


Come, take the journey with me. It’s time to discover your purpose, activate your plan and achieve your goals!


Be Well,

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My Professional Experience

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EmpowHer Purpose culminates a unique mix of my 25+ years of personal development, executive coaching, and global marketing expertise. My experience as a coach and marketer qualifies me to lead every day. I became a certified coach over 13 years ago when I founded Targeted Transitions: a coaching and personal branding agency. I have brought my strengths to Mattel, Disney, Warner Bros., Dailey & Associates, Turner Broadcasting Systems, UCLA and USC’s business schools, Right Management, and served on the board for nine years as the marketing chair of The World is Just a Book Away. Of course, most recently I have found my strengths in sales at Beautycounter leading a team of over 100 consultants.


I am a certified coach through the Coaches Training Institute and the International Coaching Federation. I incorporate many wellness modalities into my coaching as a certified reiki, meditation, and yoga teacher. In addition, I am certified in and use personality assessment tools including Myers-Briggs, 360 personality profiling, and the Enneagram. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Southern California and have guest lectured at many companies and universities, as it is my passion to bring my wisdom to future generations of women.

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Writing Reviews

Joining Michelle's EmpowHer LA group has felt truly full circle. I met her first as my USC career counselor while I was pursuing my MBA. And now, after spending 16 years working in the beauty industry, her counsel is just as helpful. Michelle has a way of really seeing people where they are and helping them move forward in a way that is true to them. Her honesty and warmth are as sincere as her bubbly personality, making her groups both useful and FUN. I'm a big fan of hers and EmpowHer LA. 

Amy Liu - Founder, Tower 28

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