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Michelle unearthed things about me that I had forgotten or cast aside and by bringing these to the forefront of my life today I can feel assured I will live more in alignment with my true purpose. I am so thankful to have met with Michelle and would highly recommend for anyone looking for deeper personal insights, that they consider connecting with Michelle to tap into her gift ofAkashic Record Reading


What people are saying


is a Sanskrit word meaning either sky or atmosphere. Dating back to biblical times, Akashic Records refer to the non-physical plane of existence; energy. According to Linda Howe, who is considered the pioneer and expert in this space, in her book Discover Your Soul’s Path through the Akashic Records provides the definition “…an energetic archive, a dimension of consciousness, that tells the story of your soul’s journey through space and time as a human being.

I have long been highly spiritual and guided by my deep-rooted intuition. I am a spiritual seeker to my core, constantly looking through the lens of curiosity to understand the why of life. Learning, studying, and living through the Akashic Realm have been among the greatest gifts beyond words, life experiences, and dimensions. It has provided not only me with some of the greatest direction and realizations on my career, relationships, and life but for my clients as well.

I believe we are all here on this journey to learn, heal, and grow through our collective experiences. We are blessed along the way to meet other souls that help guide us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and each person's roles in our lifetime (s).

I invite you to learn, align and embody some of the truest parts of you - to understand your core and life’s journey further. Take a seat at one of the open chairs. I am always available to build community, hear, and share your life story!


Undoubtedly, every reading is confidential, and no two will be the same. We know that what is meant to show up at that moment will unveil itself for your highest good, in the same way, that I received the call to become a certified Akashic Record Reader after receiving my first reading a few years ago. Read the incredible testimonials and book your session NOW!

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My Journey to Akashic RecorDs REaDING

One of the common threads I have learned and couldn't agree more with individuals who read the records is “the Akashic Records found me.”  I was divinely guided to explore and learned about them a few years ago through a podcast called The Art of Authenticity by Laura Coe , where she was being interviewed by her colleague Kevin Kaiser.  She revealed how she found her way to becoming an Akashic Record reader and channeled her "The Nature of..." book series by reading her own records. At that point, I felt that I was being called to and began to pursue learning and becoming a certified Akashic Record reader through Laura's Little Soul School. It was a calling to go deeper, and we always have the choice to get curious and listen. I chose to listen, and I’m so grateful I did.


I later learned that Laura had come to my original women's group at EmpowHer Purpose and spoke to the community about the records, but I had a coaching client and could not attend - what a full circle moment! 

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What are the Akashic Records?

Pronounced "ah-kah-shick"

The Akashic realm is an energetic space that stores your soul's history - past, present, and future. Every thought, feeling, and action from all our lifetimes is saved in this dimension. Think of it as the Google for your soul’s history. It is a sacred space and an honor to connect to your own records and that of someone else.

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Can all people access the Akashic Records?

We can all access the records for others and for our own. Opening yourself up to the possibilities and answers given to you by the records can be the most significant potential gift to you and your soul.


How do the Records support me?

If you have ever felt stuck, lost, or confused, the reading of the records provides clarity on moving forward. It’s an energetic space to guide you, allowing you to receive guidance to help you on your healing journey. You will ask questions to acquire information from the records.


The Akashic Realm and reading are meant to guide you for your highest good at this moment! Remember that everyone has free will or choice to go or move in whatever direction. All things happen for a reason and in divine timing. We are meant to evolve, learn, and grow through collective experiences. These experiences help our souls continue to develop on our journey and soul plan. As humans, we forget our soul’s plan (geez, I can never remember what I had for dinner the night before most of the time). As we have different opportunities and obstacles in life, we learn and relearn the lessons we came to embody until we complete the learning cycle. An Akashic reading is not a psychic reading for predictions, the future, specific outcomes, or time.

What can you expect from your Akashic records reading with Michelle?

Each session whether in person or virtually  is one hour long, and we meander to many different places in the past, present, and future reading. It is always an auditory, visual, and sensory journey. 


We’ll start our session by chatting for a few minutes and clarifying your questions about the Akashic Records. Then I will guide us into meditation to help us get grounded, receive and get present. I will read a short prayer or key to open your records with your name. Once I connect with the records, I will repeat your question(s). At that time I’ll invite your guides to speak. My eyes are often closed during readings, like a slightly meditative dream state. However, I will open my eyes and check in with you to see how the reading resonates for you. Feel free to ask for more clarity or lead to another question if you think you have enough insight in that area. The readings are conversational between the guides, you, and myself. 


Sometimes the guides are ready to speak right away. Other times they will ask you for input. The guides will sometimes perform healing or clearing. 


After our reading, I like to allow time for coaching, clarity, and conversation. It is important to journal about your experience and reflect on this learning and how you want to incorporate it into your life. Every reading brings different insights and knowledge. It depends on what your guides feel is in your best interest and your questions for that present time. Once this is certain, I always receive clear guidance. Service is one of my greatest values. I am honored to share space with people’s soul journeys and deliver advice with this incredible sacred tool. The Akashic realm is an extremely loving and supportive space. Your guides deliver your guidance as a helping hand to support you on your healing journey for your highest good.

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What is your why?

Why should you access your Akashic records? Why is it important for your future specifically?


The decision to have your Akashic records read is a transformative and enlightening endeavor. By exploring your cosmic archives, you embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth. The Akashic records provide invaluable insights, offering clarity, guidance, and resolution while deepening relationships and expanding your consciousness. It is a unique opportunity to unveil the depths of your soul's journey, empowering you to live a life aligned with your truest essence. Embrace the journey, and allow the wisdom of the Akashic records to illuminate your path.


The Akashic realm is said to be the highest energetic realm. When I access your Akashic Records, I speak directly to your teachers and loved ones. It holds each thought, every action, and every experience throughout your soul journey. 

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What Type of questions can you ask? 

What might you want to ask or receive guidance on? The Akashic realm is a non-judgmental space that sees all your thoughts and experiences that make up your soul’s journey. 


The simple answer is everything and anything. There are no limits to what you can ask in any area of your life, from relationships to careers to spiritual and beyond. Take a moment to think about a time in your life across generations when you want clarity on behaviors, health issues, emotional struggles, or things you resist or attract, and ask your guides for the why’s. What am I to learn? Why does this keep showing up in my life? There are NO rights or wrongs - your guides do not look from that perspective. It just is.

I compiled a few questions below to help guide you on your journey to getting started. Remember, it is a visual and auditory journey; the records often speak in metaphors.


Here are some specific suggestions on topics to frame your questions listed below:


  • The records do not respond to time-specific questions

  • Focus on What, Why, or How questions - 

  • Avoid the usage of “should” questions

  • As best as possible, try not to carry an attachment to your desired outcome for questions you have. 

  • Try to remain unattached.

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  • Relationships
    What is the lesson I meant to learn from my current relationship? How is it serving me for my highest good? How can I let go of my past relationship with [person's name]? And what is my obstacle in doing so?
  • Career & Finances
    What money and abundance blocks are in my way or limiting me from reaching my highest potential? Does this new job/business/major fit into my soul's path and plan?
  • Past Lives
    Am I carrying past life trauma that needs to be resolved? What was my role in my past life? How is it serving me in my current life? Or does it serve me?
  • Life Challenges
    What is standing between me and my dream life? What is [current life challenge] teaching me?
  • Spiritual Past
    How should I become more grounded and present in my everyday life? What will help me evolve spiritually and bring me to the next level of understanding of myself? Why am I reactive to certain topics?

The list of questions is separated into (5) potential categories for your benefit. This is a guideline, and we can cover any topic and question and frame your question for your needs.

Ready for Clarity?

Intrigued? How could you not be? One hour will shift your entire perspective.

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