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Empowher MembHership

Discover. Pursue. Achieve.

Are you looking to be inspired? Seeking clarity? Are you looking for a community of women to lift you up and reach your goals? Do you need resources to get started? Are you looking for a network of experts? Motivation and the ultimate accountability partner? Our MembHership community led by Michelle Valenzuela Wolf, Top 1% Certified Transformational Coach by Yahoo Finance—and its exclusive Facebook group—is here for you.


At EmpowHer Purpose, we believe a well-balanced mind leads to the most successful entrepreneur. We also believe that in order to achieve the balance between business and wellness, you need to connect with mindful, growth-mindset entrepreneurs who push one another forward to succeed. In other words, you need boss-ass women who want to tap into their potential, activate their plan, and sprint toward their goals.


Women need connection now more than ever, so let’s feed off the positive energy of people moving forward and up. It’s time to take charge of your life, join us and be a part of the EmpowHer Community!




Entrepreneurial Women seeking personal and professional growth and access to a growing network of entrepreneurial experts.


Exclusive private annual community membership with top transformational coaching support, access to tools, resources and experts.



Why wait? NOW is the time to discover, pursue and achieve your dreams and goals. Take advantage of your MembHership and step into action NOW!


Facebook! And other online/offline events to connect. MembHership lasts one year from the date of sign up.



This is the opportunity to have access to top coaching, develop new connections and friendships. A community network of women who truly support each other to create the momentum to learn, grow and thrive.

30 minutes could change your life!

Schedule a complimentary phone session with Michelle 

Shared Values

Sometimes you need others to help you see what is inside you. I would highly recommend Michelle Wolf as a coach and EmpowHer as a group to find your inner empowerment, your purpose, and your passion.

Lisa Soloman, Atheneum Collective

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Annual MembHership

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Private Online



Coaching Sessions


Exclusive EmpowHer Discount


Access to Resources and Recommendations

You don’t want to miss any of the exciting events/programming we have planned this year!

  • First Live coaching call on Feb 16 @12pm (PST)

  • First Expert call Feb 23@12pm (PST) 


  • Receive our newsletter with the latest content for your personal and professional growth



  • 9 Months of LIVE 30-min Community Coaching Call with Top 1%  Certified Transformational Coach by Yahoo Finance Michelle Valenzuela Wolf

  • Exclusive Facebook group with recorded content.

  • Expert speakers at gatherings on relevant entrepreneurial topics from your community members (marketing, finance, business strategy, social media, sales, etc.)

  • Two: 30-min coaching sessions a year valued at $325

  • Four exclusive networking & community building event per year

  • Exclusive 20% discount on other EmpowHer workshops and events including retreats

  • Free access for 24 hours to all workshops, thereafter fee applied

  • Free access to recorded content on exclusive group

  • Opportunities to connect with other female entrepreneurs and experts in every category

$195/ Annual

30 minutes could change your life!

Schedule a complimentary phone session with Michelle 

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