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Empowher workshop series

Are you looking to be inspired? Are you seeking clarity? Do you have an idea and need resources to get started? Looking for a community of women to lift you up? A network of experts? Pure motivation?


Our interactive and experiential workshops are here to help you in mind, body, and spirit to promote your personal, professional, and spiritual growth every day. Our workshops, including YOUR VISION. YOUR LIFE., TAKE PAUSE, and HOW TO TALK SO THEY WILL LISTEN on communication, give you tools to activate your purpose, create your vision, and achieve your goals. Below is a short list of workshops we offer that can be catered to you or your company’s specific needs.


Workshops are now available digitally and in-person (following social distancing guidelines.) Community, connection, and inspiration—that’s what we’re all about, so no excuses. Don’t wait another second to become the best you.

Interactive Workshop
  • Online workshops: one hour in length.

  • In-person workshops: generally, two hours in length (catered to your company or group!)

  • EmpowHer Purpose workshops are experiential by design, with topics and tools to support your personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

  • Although the workshops are designed as a series, you can benefit from attending a select few.


*All workshops are moderated by a certified coach who is also certified in yoga, meditation, and personality profiling including Myers-Briggs and Enneagram.

Learning and thinking about my value system and truly evaluating myself was extremely meaningful. The room was filled with open and honest women… The energy throughout the day was magnificent and inspiring… I thank Michelle and EmpowHer for such a great experience. 

Melanie Neumann, Present Now

What people are saying

30 minutes could change your life!

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Go And Grow Challenge

Consistent success comes from consistently committing to progress. Join this challenge to create daily habits that will change your life and unlock the best version of yourself. 


  • 15 carefully crafted days to drive a desired result. 

  • Business actions that create momentum and achieve tangible results.

  • Wellness actions that focus on the whole self + achieving personal goals.

  • 3 mastermind calls with Michelle to discuss creating successful habits and accountability.

what's your why?

Are you lost? Not quite sure what you bring to the table? You’re not alone, and we have the perfect workshop for you. WHAT’S YOUR WHY? will help clearly define your goals and values—in other words, your “purpose.”

Find your why


After this workshop, you will have…

  • Identified clarity tools

  • Outlined your business or career idea

  • Learned self-motivation and accountability

  • Created your own individualized purpose statement

blah.blah.blah: How to talk so they will listen

Hello? Do you hear me? Communication can be challenging, frustrating even. People spend about 70% of their day engaged in some form of communication, but only 45% devoted to listening.

Effective Communication


We will guide you through understanding:

  • Steps to successful communication

  • Active listening – listening process & tips

  • Tapping into your intuition

  • Leaving space for acknowledgment

  • Persuasive communication - managing up & leadership

cougars on computers

In this day and age, your online world is as important as your offline world (if not more!) Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… Where do you start? What platforms exist? What’s the benefit? Is it worth the headache? Social media can appear daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!

Social Media learning


Prepare to Learn:

  • The evolution and history of social media

  • The importance of social media

  • The 3 most important platforms and how they differentiate

  • How social media can help you develop your Personal Brand

  • About Susana’s social media mastermind class

take pause: meditation workshop

Are you caught up in the ins and outs of a daily routine? Is life flying by before your eyes? It sounds like you could use a moment to breathe.


Take our yoga class EMPOWHER YOU NOW: YOGA FOR EVERYDAY PEOPLE. Led by certified yoga teacher, Michelle Valenzuela Wolf, this is the perfect pick-me-up for those of you who need to destress, relax, and get grounded.

your vision. your life

What is your vision for your life? Where do you see yourself in the next year, five, or ten? What steps are you taking to get there every day? If visioning isn’t part of your answer, this class is a MUST. The board is the result of the visioning once you get clear.

Vision Boarding



  • Clarify your intentions

  • Set and identify tangible goals

  • Create your personal vision board and journal

  • Release you from limiting beliefs—know the possibilities are endless

get grounded & goal getting

Feeling bleh? Need a moment to recharge and reconnect? This series is just what you need to feel a new sense of direction and clarity. Get clear on your goals for 2022. Learn successful tools to help you manifest what you want to create and gain clarity.

Get Grounded

Get Ready To…

  • Meditate and move

  • Openly discuss your vision and values

  • Set and commit to intentions for 2022

  • Get clear on your goals using proven tools

  • Commit to consistency

  • Vision

  • Identify your tools

  • Shift your mindset from perfection to progress

  • Journal to create the life you want

  • Take notes on visioning, how to be in flow, and live with intention

  • Identify your word, mantra, or symbol for the year

brand Knew you

Who are YOU? How does the world see you? What is your personal brand? If you struggled to answer any of these questions, BRAND KNEW YOU is the class for you!

Build your brand

You will learn and explore...

  • Branding

  • Personal branding

  • How others see you and how you want to be seen

  • Different platforms and how they play into your personal brand

  • Your personal vision statement and how to effectively present it

  • Keywords & values that strengthen opportunities for growth

  • How to provide constructive feedback for growth

empowher you now: yoga for everyday people

Are you having a stressful day? Need to tap into and be reminded of your personal power?


Whether you select a 30-minute or one-hour flow, EMPOWHER YOU NOW will leave you feeling healthy and empowered. So come, join the 36 million Americans who practice yoga to live a more fulfilling, stress-free life!

Commit to Confidence

This confidence workshop will help you dive deep into living a more confident life, and moving closer to success - however you find it. Nothing is stronger than a confident woman who knows her worth! Let’s learn what makes you shine.

Be Confidence

Whether you're

  • Working to start a business

  • Seeking out your life's passion

  • Changing careers

  • Starting a family

  • Or just working on self-improvement

During this power hour, we will

  • Clarify your values⁠

  • Set your intentions⁠⁠

  • Confidence meditation and movement⁠

  • Self-love and growth mindset exercises⁠

  • Four tangible tips to lead a more confident life⁠

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