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Elevate your Team

Activate your team, reach

your goals

organizational wellness

Team building is an essential component of any successful company. Let us help.

At EmpowHer Purpose, we breathe collaboration and believe that companies and communities are interconnected.


We focus on active listening as a vehicle for healthy communication to align with your mission and help your team get activated. Our method is a multi-disciplinary approach combining traditional and progressive methods in coaching, career management, assessments, personal branding, and marketing.


We support the symbiotic relationship with our employee growth and development program and our marketing services that propel business growth. Our team of professionals, led by certified coach Michelle Valenzuela-Wolf, will customize a program to fit your lifestyle, corporate culture, and budget.

Organizational Wellness
People connecting

Michelle is one of the most positive-minded and inventive individuals to have on your side. She is very personable yet challenges the status- quo. Her drive and enthusiasm are infectious and her results speak for themselves.

Gautam Talwar - Managing Director, APAC @ Spotify

What people are saying

KEY Questions to Elevate Your Business

Asking the right questions is as crucial as having the right answers. Evaluate and elevate your organization with these questions.


Our collaboration together...

Training workshop


Knowing your strengths, values, and passion is the first and most important step. 

We offer experiential workshops on various topics providing you with the knowledge and tools to strengthen your personal and professional growth.

Goal Setting

We want you to dream big!

We will help you to set attainable goals in achieving your professional growth.  And help you develop an action plan that's designed to motivate and guide you.


What you do and the person you become in reaching those goals is the true benefit.

Organizational Goals
Personal Brand

personal Branding

Everybody has a personal brand, whether they are conscious of it or not. 

What is your brand saying to the world? Just as companies create marketing plans, we'll show you the way to showcase your strengths and values in all aspects of life. 


Since work and life can't be looked at in isolation, we'll help you to live by a plan that reflects your true self and to succeed in your careers and beyond.

Team building

Nobody operates in a bubble.

And nobody achieves success alone. 

Teamwork makes the dream work! We will help you create and enhance connections in your team. Build understanding of each other's strength and connection points. 

We'll guide you through the process and put the right people together for mutual success.

Team Building

Receive a 30-minute consultation with your organization!

Schedule a complimentary phone session with Michelle.

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