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Soul Celebration
Villa Selat Bali Retreat

Inspiration. Impact. Transformation.

Sunday, September 29 - Sunday, October 6 2024

Our Mission

Discover. Pursue. Achieve.​

EmpowHer Purpose is an integrated business and wellness community network of women experiencing whole life transitions while seeking personal, spiritual, and professional growth. I guide you to define your purpose and give you tools to pursue your path using values as your compass to create your vision and achieve your goals. EmpowHer Purpose offers one-on-one coaching, women’s groups, a MembHership community, experiential workshops, wellness retreats, and their new “Opportunity Knocks” podcast.

Michelle in a workshop

Meet Michelle Valenzuela Wolf

A leader in transformational coaching, women’s groups, and the integration of business and wellness.

It feels like yesterday, working and collaborating in large well-known companies. Gathering accolades, building credibility and cache as a young leader and achiever, striving to climb the ladder of corporate America. But was I happy?


A pivotal moment shaped my future forever: riding down the elevator late with a female executive. She informed me it was her son’s 9th birthday, and justified it with, “I’ll celebrate with him on the weekend.” At that moment, despite the success I thought I wanted, I knew I did not want her life. I chose to tuck that moment away and ignore the sign. Nothing could stop the determined, resilient leader I was until later.


I was successful in the corporate world! Traveling five countries in six days. From the airport, straight to the office with extreme jet lag… But I got to fly business class and stay at nice hotels. So, it was fine, right?

"It was the moment of knowing and acknowledging I needed to make a radical life transition."

For months, I received signs my life was catching up with me—emotionally and physically. Hives would appear on my neck from non-stop work. I never paid them much attention until I was forced to. One evening, returning home late, the hives overtook my entire body—big and small everywhere! I am anaphylactic and as you can imagine, this is when I chose to listen... My sister dialed 911 for me. It was one of the most traumatic moments of my life. It was the moment of knowing and acknowledging I needed to make a radical life transition—if I wanted to be well, let alone have children.


Hence my journey from corporate America and deep into wellness and personal growth began. I shifted my determination to “fixing myself.”


our membhership Community

Discover. Pursue.  Achieve.

Are you looking to be inspired? Seeking clarity? Are you looking for a community of women to lift you up and reach your goals? Do you need resources to get started? Are you looking for a network of experts? Motivation and the ultimate accountability partner? Our MembHership community—and its exclusive Facebook group—is here for you.

At EmpowHer Purpose, we believe a well-balanced mind leads to the most successful entrepreneur. We also believe that in order to achieve the balance between business and wellness, you need to connect with mindful, growth-mindset entrepreneurs who push one another forward to succeed. In other words, you need boss-ass women who want to tap into their potential, activate their plan, and sprint toward their goals.

Together in a Community

30 minutes could change your life!

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What people are saying

Michelle has a way of seeing people where they are and helping them move forward in a way that is true to them. Her honesty and warmth are as sincere as her bubbly personality, making her groups useful and FUN. I'm a big fan of hers and EmpowHer. 

Amy Liu - Founder, Tower 28

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Develop your team from a holistic approach to conquer common goals.

30 minutes could change your life!

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