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Featured Female Entrepreneur

Nancy Giftos, CEO of Sticky Be Socks

Collaboration, community and supporting female entrepreneurs are core to not only EmpowHer LA’s mission, but my values. As many know, I am an avid exerciser and it is like therapy to my soul!  If I go without moving my body for a few days, I’m am jonesing for an endorphin release until I get my fix! I was introduced to Nancy Giftos, Founder of Sticky Be Socks through a dear friend, Karen Sun, owner of Sweat NSK. Karen knows how much I draw from positive mantras and inspirational products. Sticky Be Socks and Nancy Giftos is just that - inspiring and positive to her core.

Her mission in supporting people to be their authentic and happy selves, and her positive personality brought us to connect at a deeper level. Nancy shared her very personal story of how she brought Sticky Be Socks into existence. 

During our conversations I asked Nancy to describe herself in three words. Loyal, genuine, and down to earth are the first that came to mind amongst many others. Those are the values that she holds dear and carries forth in life. Nancy is also a very spiritual being and a strong believer in using the power of positivity to visualize and manifest her life’s journey in becoming a Pilates & Yoga instructor, an entrepreneur, a single mother and more. There have been many special moments in her life that propelled her to where she is now.

In 2015, Nancy’s career path was in transition when she decided to take the helm of Sticky Be Socks. Shortly after, she decided to fulfill her lifelong dream of having a baby. It was something she always felt she wanted, and she realized it was her time. She started the process of fertility treatments. Although there were many complications and the procedures were taxing, she was finally pregnant with twins. But the difficult journey had only just begun. She found out at 10 weeks that one of the embryos did not have a heartbeat. She grieved the loss but stayed strong, praying for her other embryo to thrive, grow, and be healthy. During the 2ndtrimester, she was diagnosed with placenta placement affecting the baby’s growth. In the 3rdtrimester she was diagnosed with preeclampsia, which can impair the baby’s kidney and liver function. While she was struggling to manage the difficult pregnancy, she continued to march on - building and growing Sticky Be Socks.

Nancy went into labor early at 32 weeks and her daughter was born weighing in at 2 lbs, 5 oz. Born premature, her daughter suffered an intestinal infection that required emergency surgery at eighteen days old. These unfathomable circumstances were only the beginning of a long and surreal journey in the NICU, 120 days to be exact.  Scared and helpless is an understatement for how she felt as a mother. Twelve plus hours a day at the hospital, at her baby’s side, Nancy visualized and manifested her baby girl healthy, thriving and surviving.

Because of her daughter, Nancy experienced how powerful a strong mindset can bring positive outcomes in life, and credits her daughter for providing her with the strength to get through this experience. Nancy’s mission is to inspire people to live a positive, healthy and active lifestyle with Sticky Be Socks. All of the socks have motivational messages woven into them. “Not only is the product something that gives people support and comfort, but it also helps people stay safe. If you look down during your Pilates class, seeing ‘Be Present’ helps you breathe and stay focused… The mind and body are so connected, and the socks remind us of that. You can be doing the most challenging class and want to quit, but then you look down to your message and you’re reinvigorated!”

Nancy’s story and her mission of bringing inspiration and positivity to people’s lives is what resonates with me, and why I am proudly supporting her. Her daughter is now a healthy and happy two-year old who continues to be Nancy’s inspiration!

At our core, EmpowHer LA supports our female entrepreneurs and wants to lift them up to reach new heights! We want you to go out and accomplish your wildest dreams! We’re here to help. Send us an email and we’ll talk about your next plan of action!  

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