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Holding onto the Joys of Summer

Sun, fun, and long sunny days are coming to an end...The kids are back in school and summer plans and vacations are distant memories. We all know that Labor Day marks the start of fall and summer officially being over. Time to get serious about our goals and desires...only 4 months left until 2020! But, I believe we can hold on to the feeling of summer and the relaxation and joy we felt during these short few months and bring it with us as we close out the year. Or at least this is one of my goals for this year...try, try again...

I look forward to summer every year, it’s a time of excitement, possibilities, and adventure. Summer is a time for gathering more frequently with friends and family and spending more time outdoors. Toes in the sand and laying out in the tall overgrown grass. Summer is a time when regular schedules seem to put aside for fun and spontaneity.

Now that's joy!

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that some Americans do not take a vacation at all, but it might not be for the reasons you are assuming. You might think it’s because of the lack of income or time, however, we learned differently. 

Did you know,“54 percent of Americans left unused vacation time on the table in 2016, while 43 percent of employees said their reason for opting out of vacation was the “the mountain of work” they’d have upon their return” (Paige Smith,Huffpost)?  The problem isn’t taking a vacation, or slowing down if we set ourselves up with tools to succeed, these breaks can become a time to reduce stress and recharge for the work ahead.

It’s easy for our minds to race to the tasks of the year ahead and want to jump in head-first. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves… I encourage everyone to give themselves a grace period. Set aside two weeks, maybe even a month, as a time for you to settle back into your schedule and set structure for yourselves and your family if relevant. We must be aware that we set the stage for our family and how they seak to live-out their lives.

Transitions are never easy, for anyone, whether it be for your children or you. However, its how we handle the transitions and the structures we put in place and try to handle them with grace and ease. Whether you have children or not, if we are honest with ourselves we all feel the anxiety to return to far busier schedules and lack of white space on our calendars. 

As you may have heard from Tuesday's TidBit the End of Summer Blues are real! “According to Dr. Josh Klapow, a clinical psychologist and co-host of the radio show “The Web,” it’s normal to experience some degree of stress or disorientation when you’re coming down from the high of vacation” (Paige Smith, Huffpost). 

My question is, how do we keep that high and keep the overwhelm at bay?

Here are some tips to allow you ease into Fall and give yourself grace while still being reflective about the feeling that comes with the joys of summer...


4 Helpful Tips - 

Keep a Visual - Curing yourself of summer blues doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your summer memories. Hang your favorite pictures on the wall or make your screen savor a summer snapshot. Visual reminders help us. 

Reframe it - “Reframe” negative or untrue thoughts into more positive ones. Think about what you enjoy about Fall instead of fixating on what you dislike about the end of Summer. 

Embrace the Opportunity - Rather than falling back into old habits of getting stressed about inboxes and to-do lists, take a minute to reassess your priorities. Ask yourself what your goals for the year are, what will make the most difference in your life/company, what behaviors you need to encourage to meet your objectives? Ask yourself what’s important

Don’t forget to have Fun - A busier schedule doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun, allow yourself to take your Summer mindset into Fall. Go to a new place for dinner, plan a monthly movie night with friends, spend time outdoors- set new traditions that will help you hold onto that Summer feeling. If you’re really missing summer, start planning a trip for next year to keep yourself motivated.


Here’s to bringing our joy forward in the months ahead...


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