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Give Me Another 100

First and foremost, THANK YOU! Thank you for listening, your feedback, your delight and joy to engage in our journey with the Opportunity Knocks podcast. Without you there would be no podcast! Some facts about Opportunity Knocks, at one point we were ranked top 10 in three countries including Mexico. I am proud to say we have well over 10k downloads in three years with zero advertising dollars. In addition we have received upwards of 60k views on Insta on numerous episodes. That's huge for a small company and podcast.

Friends, every journey starts with the decision to say YES. To take that first step toward something, anything or anyone is terrifying at times but when we commit that’s where the magic begins. You see there is no guarantee to any endeavor, but the human condition is to think we have control. Well 99.9% of the time you just don’t no matter how destined you think you might be for success. So why not surrender and just go. That’s exactly what happened with the Opportunity Knocks podcast! It was Covid and well I started doing LIVES on Instagram with other female entrepreneurs as I was concerned that many not only women but people were going to have to leave their jobs since they needed to be home taking care of their children. Many people kept suggesting you need a show or a podcast to showcase not only yourself but these amazing women you know. The problem solver in me came out to provide a solution that entrepreneurship might be a viable opportunity. It didn’t say easy but another way of thinking about creating. So many people sit with ideas and never get started. 

Who would think I’d get to 100? It wasn’t a goal but I guess you know me by now. I suppose 100 episodes came from my strong drive, obsession and determination to hear, story tell and replay reflect, transformational coach through these deep episodes from so many talented successful entrepreneurs. They are so much more than that though whether it be a chef, actor, beauty founder, fitness guru, wellness warriors etc.

Want to know their secrets to success? Want to know what I learned? So MUCH. One thing for sure was required by each of them - embracing the unknown, transitions and transformation. It’s exactly what I share with you every day in habits, purpose, clarity, discovery, consistency, collaboration, connection, community, determination, flexibility and resilience are some of the keys.

Guess what else, change and success also require vulnerability. What part of those qualities and values do you too possess? So what are you waiting for? Stop social media surfing and make your dream a reality or schedule a call with me and let’s take action together. Believe me it’s much more manageable plotting a plan toward your purpose with a coach. These amazing people also took something very important - Action. A dream is just a dream until we take action.

Celebrating our 100th episode marks a significant number!  It's been an incredible journey, filled with enlightening conversations, valuable insights, and shared experiences. As we reflect on this milestone, we're overwhelmed with gratitude for the support of our listeners, guests, and everyone who has been part of this journey. Thank you for being with us every step of the way!

There’s more in store for you…exciting news to share! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new mini podcast series. Think bite-sized nuggets of wisdom and inspiration, designed to fit into your busy schedule.

We received feedback from many of our followers for this request and realized that some of our most downloaded episodes revolve around specific personal topics like communication, fear and boundaries etc were topics our listeners seek guidance and understanding on. Of course all this delicious information will be hosted by your favorite podcast host, yours truly. These episodes, each under 10 minutes, are power-packed with insights and tips to propel you forward in business and wellness with both your personal and professional life.Our first mini pod episode is a juicy one… It’s on one of my favorite topics,FEAR. Look for it in the upcoming weeks. After all, it’s everyone’s greatest obstacle. As the saying goes, "the only way is through.” Let’s learn to embrace fear and discover how we can move forward towards our goals and dreams despite its presence. 

We counted down our Top 10 podcasts on Instagram featuring bad asses like Sarah Deane, Susy Markoe Schieffelin, Kurtis Lee Thomas, Sally Pressman, and Pamela Salzman.

Our 100th episode, "Unveil Your Truth: Plant Medicine", is a very special guest and interesting that he is a fellow Latino as I leave this week to convene at the Latino Hive, IConnection in Napa. Carlos Duran!  Born into hardship in NYC and overcoming immense challenges, Carlos found transformation through plant medicine and spiritual guidance. 

From the streets of NYC to the jungles of Colombia, he studied under renowned shamans, shaping him into a beacon of authenticity and empowerment. 

Carlos Duran's message is clear- true wealth lies in holistic abundance, encompassing mind, body, and soul. He inspires others to break free from societal norms and embrace their true selves. While his message isn't for everyone, those seeking genuine joy and empowerment will find his wisdom invaluable. While there are so many exciting episodes in our cue, plant medicine has become ever popular with people seeking ways to connect to themselves and heal from trauma. Every single one of us stores our experiences and trauma in our cells. I wanted to provide a perspective and information to our listeners with a trusted resource that can educate our community.

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Carlos Duran, The Plant Medicine Guide, as we celebrate our 100th episode milestone.

I'm proud to say I am consistently pleased by our amazing guests and the incredible downloads we have on every epsidode. We have a dedicated fan base from around the world.

I want to hear your story! All of our stories are interesting. It's important to stop, listen, get curious and connect to each other.

The world needs more love. Here’s to another 100 and more! When opportunity comes knocking make sure to open the door and say YES.

Be Well.  Do Well.

All my best,

Meet Pamela Salzman, certified holistic health counselor, cooking instructor, and best-selling author. From a promising career shift, Pamela now inspires with two best-selling cookbooks and practical cooking classes. She has shared her perspective on entrepreneurship, overcoming perfectionism in nutrition, and tips for a healthier diet.

Sally Pressman is best known for starring as 'Roxy LeBlanc' for 7 seasons ion Lifetimes’ hit series 'Army Wives'. Recently, she recurred opposite Mae Whitman on the NBC dramedy ‘Good Girls.’ You can also find Sally on, AppleTv’s series ‘Acapulco’, Netflix's '13 Reasons Why,' and ‘Malkie’ on the popular comedy 'Younger.' Her additional television credits include roles on Shonda Rhimes' 'The Catch,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Scandal,' and Jason Katim’s CBS drama ‘Pure Genius.’ Sally shares insights on Hollywood, life, family, success, and the theme of control. This engaging episode will inspire a more fulfilling life.

Kurtis Lee Thomas is a renowned keynote speaker and a leading Corporate Mindfulness Trainer. He’s spoken at some of the largest consciousness expositions in the world and has shared the stage with speakers such as Deepak Chopra and top Tony Robbins trainers. Kurtis has dedicated his career to awakening the best in people by quantifiably enhancing creativity, productivity, and connection within the workplace.

Susy Markoe Schieffelin of The Copper Vessel in Los Angeles, is a renowned sound healer, reiki master, and spiritual teacher. She's led sound baths globally, including for employees at companies like Google and Nordstrom. Featured in WSJ, VOGUE, and Los Angeles Times, Susy is celebrated for her transformative presence, guiding people towards empowered lives. She founded the Sound Healer's Academy, offers a 7-week program called The Vessel, advocates for self-love, and conducts restorative crystal alchemy sound baths both in person and online.

Sarah Deane, Founder of EMQ and MEvolution.Bio, is an innovator at the crossroads of behavioral science and A.I. Her creations accurately identify mindset and behavioral blockers, providing personalized roadmaps to unleash potential. Recognized across the industry, she's won awards, been featured in IDC's Peerscape, and spoken at prestigious events like SXSW and Stanford University. Author of "The Wellness Formula," Deane's insights have been featured in publications such as Huffington Post and CIO Magazine.

Michelle Beyo, CEO of FINAVATOR, a Fintech consultancy. Michelle shares insights on success, giving back, balance, commitment, boundaries, and life lessons as an entrepreneur. With over 20 years of experience, her passion for payments and financial inclusion shines through.

Meet Katie Chin, the culinary powerhouse. As a Celebrity Chef, Award-Winning Cookbook Author, and Culinary Ambassador, Katie's passion for Asian cuisine shines. From co-hosting PBS cooking series to appearances on The Today Show and Food Network's Iron Chef America, Katie is dynamic in the kitchen!

Meet Ellen Chen, Co-founder of the popular Mendocino Farms restaurant in Los Angeles. Ellen shares insights on uncovering opportunities, engraining values into business, selling happiness, creating repetitive success, and the higher purpose of changing someone's day.

Jason O'Mara, born in Dublin, Ireland, pursued acting after graduating from Trinity College Dublin. He rose to prominence in British theater before transitioning to the US in 2002, where he became a major presence on screens. Notably, he won the Irish Film and Television Award in 2017. O'Mara serves as an ambassador for The Lir, Ireland's National Academy of Dramatic Art, and The Movember Foundation. He lives in Los Angeles but visits Ireland regularly.


Neidda Marshall started her career as a young entrepanuer in NJ, owning her first clothing store at the ripe age of 17. After also having retail locations in Atlanta and Miami, she settled into LA in mid 90s where she built one of the most successful high-end Women’s clothing stores. She was often the go to store for sows such as Melrose Place and 90210. After selling her business in order to devote time to raising her children, she began to focus on the more spiritual side of humanity. Moving through yoga, ashrams, and rubbing elbows with many masters. She has a very practical approach to living life in the positive and helping others achieve a similar perspective. 

Come join us for a joyous Happy Hour Celebration! 

Friday, May 10th, 4:30pm 

Don't miss out on an evening of delightful drinks and festivities! 

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