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I Believe...

I believe, You believe, We believe… We ALL BELIEVE! We finally made it to December! The Holidays are here! We know and have established that this is NOT a normal year and have asked ourselves the question, WHAT is normal?!?! I acknowledge that this is a challenging year for all people…we have been forced to shift, pivot, find new pathways and doorways and frankly adjust to new ways of being in this world. It might be difficult for some to celebrate when they’ve experienced loss and hardships. Maybe you feel stuck, wondering what there could possibly be to celebrate!?!? Or you might be the person who will find any excuse to find joy and celebrate it all! I’m here for you! I get it!

When I picked this title, it made me stop to think, what do I believe? I was thrilled to learn that 85% of children under eight still believe in Santa Claus. And that 73% of people believe in a higher source. I know I believe in the hope for all people for a kinder, gentler world where all people respect each other's differences and do not judge them but celebrate them! The learning and leaning in of why one person believes one thing and another the complete opposite. A place to seek understanding and gratitude for all types. Call me idealistic or an optimist, but that is who I am at my essence and how I build a community from all angles of understanding! I invite you to join me in this perspective!

First and foremost, I want to thank you all for your tremendous support. I want to extend that same love and support to all of you this holiday season. I feel sorrow for those of you who have experienced loss, heartbreak, loneliness, and so much more this year, and I hope that I can offer some hope amid these trying times.

I also celebrate those of you who have found new opportunities and increased joy during this time. Let’s face it, there has not been one emotion during this time, but ALL the ups, downs, and sideways feelings. Growth is never comfortable.

Since we do not have holiday parties galore to attend this year, we might have more time than we would normally. I have to say I feel more calm and less angst this season with less to do. It secretly feels good that I could take things off my list like parties and Christmas Cards etc. It is essential to appreciate the time that we have during the holiday season. Perhaps you have a few days off or work, or your children have a break from school. Input caption text here. Use the block's Settings tab to change the caption position and set other styles.

I have another idea - Let’s work on giving ourselves the space to evaluate ourselves. How are you doing? How could you use your time to understand yourself or your family better? I like to see this season as a chance to restart, like powering off your computer at the end of the day after half a million Zoom calls. Our health is of the utmost importance now more than ever. We have to take care of our bodies, both physically and mentally.

Perhaps you could use any spare time that you might have to take a bath, read a book, go for a multitude of walks in nature to clear your head and bring new views to your life. Or maybe you want to take some time to recharge alongside your family members. This year, we can be in the moment and create new traditions.

We’ve already experienced so much change this year. It can be challenging to let go of some traditions, at least temporarily. Usually, we’re going to Christmas programs, watching parades, or maybe even going on vacation, but now everything seems to have shifted. This year might be a good year to implement some new and fun traditions!

Here are some ideas for new traditions:

Make cookies and drop them off at your friends’/neighbors’ doorstep.

  • Gather your household together and bake some cookies! You can even try a new recipe. Once you bake and decorate the cookies, you can take them to your neighbors or friends for a sweet surprise.

Get lost in your own neighborhood while driving around looking at Christmas lights.

  • We love to drive around, looking at all of the beautiful light displays. It can be so exciting to roll down the windows, take it slow, and bask in the twinkling lights. Maybe this year you can drive down new streets to discover something wonderful.

If you’re able to, donate to a charity or maybe even a special friend who needs help this holiday season.

  • Sometimes, everyone needs a little bit of help, especially this time of year. Maybe this person is a close friend who needs help getting gifts for their kids, or maybe you want to spread cheer to others you may not know. This year we can prioritize giving. Gather your family and shop for those who might be less fortunate.


  • To quote the movie “Elf,” “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” Find the lyrics to your favorite Christmas carol or holiday song, gather your family around a warm fire, and sing out for joy!

Regardless of how you’re spending the holidays this year, I hope that you find joy in the moments that you have. Now more than ever, it’s necessary that we take care of ourselves. Practice being in the moment and doing the things that make yourself and others feel hopeful. I BELIEVE in You and all the joy you bring to this world! Shine your light for all to see! You are a gift to this world!

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