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My 50 Days to 50 Challenge

Today marks my first day of my self-imposed "50 days to 50" challenge, but what is this exactly??? 

Well, yes, my friends, I am reaching a big milestone of turning ½ century old. LOL ;) People say that age is just a number, and I too believe in this cliché statement. Although I feel strong, confident and pretty self-directed at this point in my life, I am using this birthday milestone as a positive tool to be reflective on my accomplishments and continue to grow and push myself forward toward what I want to create in 5 areas of my life – fitness, nutrition, business, organizational and spirituality.  I have assembled a team of bad ass women to cheerlead and hold me accountable to reach for my dreams and goals in these 5 areas.

Regardless of your age or milestones - big or small, as we head toward the end of Summer and year (there are only 4 months left!), I think it’s important for all of us to take stock and inventory of our goals and priorities. August for me has always been a time to reconnect, realign and recreate what I want for the rest of the year. As we know, this time of year can be very taxing on our energy with our busy lives and schedules.  Once we hit September, it’s easy for us to lose sight of what we want and get swallowed up by the holiday’s, children’s schedules and Q4 – year end. I find that manifesting comes easier when I visualize what I want to create, set goals and break it down into smaller incremental goals to create the larger picture. It is most effective to create macro and micro goals, such as 12-month goals and 4-6-month goals.

My desire to take on this challenge is merely to hold myself accountable, not to appear perfect, but “real”. There are peaks and valleys at all points in our lives or journey to get to the goal, but it’s in how we deal with those obstacles that create the person we are today. This doesn’t mean that all my goals will be met in 50 days, it solely means that I am working toward achieving them and let’s face it, they change and shift and weave into the tapestry of our journey and lives. 

In the past, I thought I needed to accomplish things on my own. When I went through my transition and left the corporate world, I realized how important it was to be transparent, vulnerable and ask for help! (that’s where the badass ladies come in.) Life is not about perfection, it’s in the imperfection that we find all the beautiful things about ourselves. 

So, I look to you, my community, to please follow my journey and help cheerlead me and build me up as I hit my peaks and valleys over these coming weeks. Thank you for loving me just the way I am, perfectly imperfect, and always learning and growing.  Life would be boring if I knew it all.

To milestones, accountability, goals and 50 days to 50…


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