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New beginnings, Collaborations and Hello Neighbors! 

As we start the new calendar school year, I take pause to remind myself of the process of starting a fresh path in my various communities. This opportunity to reflect has come to me in one way through the eyes of my own daughter as she starts a new school. 

I’m reminded to understand the difficulties for all people when starting anything new - we all stand together, yet apart as we assess and process: How do I fit in with that person?  Do I want to develop a relationship with this person? Do I have time? Or do I need new friends? You see, every day we are all reflecting and trying to bring ourselves forward on some level whether it be your child, your husband or yourself. What is it that we all want to create for the New Year around relationships? I am a social creature by nature, and always choose to be open to new opportunities and relationships no matter what the observation is at the onset. Often time, the results are beyond my expectation.

As you know, I have been blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with so many amazing female entrepreneurs over the past few months. Most recently, I have really resonated with three companies: Urban Zen, Kindest, and MomGevity - their powerful missions were one of the things that inspired my meditation and thoughts surrounding the new school year. All three companies and their employees inspire good neighborliness - a word that has somehow become lost in our urban American culture at times. Even the mere word “kind” allows me to remind myself to always come from a place of kindness, and that all people really need is a simple smile, hug, and acknowledgment of a simple "Hello". 

At EmpowHer LA our goal is to offer a warm welcoming collaborative community for women to come together and call their second home and ultimately be acknowledged.

Hello my friends from EmpowHer LA. All are welcome...home!


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