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New EmpowHer LA Tribe Member & Female Entrepreneur - Amy Liu of Tower 28!

Let’s keep it clean – Beauty on the inside and Beauty on the outside – that’s who our newest tribe member is to her core! I am thrilled to announce our newest EmpowHer Tribe Member and female entrepreneur, Amy Liu, founder and CEO of Tower 28 Beauty. Amy and I have known each other for quite some time as I can remember her first entrée into the beauty industry since I was her career coach and mentor at USC’s Marshall School of Business. I am delighted to see her step into one of her life-long goals and see Tower 28 come to life!

Learn more about Amy and her beauty industry experience and entrepreneurial journey below.


Clean beauty is more than a trend - it's the future!  The consumer is demanding it despite the fact that regulation isn't.  I think 10 years from now "clean" won't be a differentiator at all and I'm excited to be part of the revolution!

When I first started my business, Tower 28, I had to draw from my confidence and inner strength, to find the courage to step in and just do it! I think confidence and fear go hand in hand - you always have a bit of both.  Fear is healthy and natural, we need it!  But confidence makes it so we are open to potential. (I actually named one of our ShineOn Lip Jelly shades Fear Less for that exact reason!) I am so grateful for everyone who believed in me and supported me - that was a huge confidence booster!After college, I started to suffer from eczema and became increasingly frustrated that my sensitive, problem skin meant I was limited to clinical brands. I felt like someone in a lab coat was selling to me – vs. a realm of glitz and glamour that is fun for women and girls!

I think of sensitive skin as skin that you can't count on - problematic and reactive. When your skin has issues it's basically like an open wound and even more susceptible to what you put on it. As someone with problem skin - eczema (and occasional acne) I know all you want to do is put on makeup to distract from your skin issues - but you don't want to make your skin worse, so you're that much more conscious about what you're putting on it. 

Working at L’Oreal really opened my eyes to how beauty products really boost a woman's confidence. It has a way of allowing a woman to feel good in their own skin. Confident!

Although I worked in the beauty industry for 15+ years, but it wasn’t until I had my own children I started worrying about not only their skin, but all those who surround me - thinking about all the harmful products they would have to use or were using. It truly propelled me to start something on my own.

I started developing my own clean beauty line, named after a local lifeguard tower, Tower 28, which is nestled in between Venice and Santa Monica. Tower 28 is a symbol of the convergence of both the luxury lifestyle of LA and the natural beauty of our coast and the ocean. I feel passionate that beauty should be clean and fun for all. Tower 28 is representative of how skincare and beauty can coexist and work together! I’ve made it my mission to provide clean, vegan, and cruelty-free make-up to all people, regardless of skin-type. Our products won't break you out, are good for you, non-irritating and vegan/cruelty-free. 

I’m so grateful for my husband - my best friend and greatest role model, who lives his life with 100% integrity, kindness, and intention.  He's literally the good angel that sits on my shoulder and guides me to make decisions. I’m also grateful for people like Michelle from EmpowHer LA for the endless support, and I’m excited to bring awareness of clean beauty and talk about my confidence journey at the Girl.2.World event this Sunday, May 19th 1pm - 4:30pm at Unplug Meditation.


 I too am grateful to work, coach and grow with women like Amy Liu who believe that beauty on the inside is just as important as beauty on the outside as seen from her now entrepreneurial journey with Tower 28 - women who are leading a revolution and continue to inspire me everyday! We’re looking forward to seeing you at Girl.2.World Be a PowWow-erful Girl Sunday, May 19th at Unplug from 1pm - 4:30pm!

All my best,

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