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Simplify Your Life with Clean and Healthy Living

Michelle and I have known each other for over 13 years - it was at that point our energy connected and we have shared so many of life's joys and challenges together from motherhood, to career transitions big and small. She makes me laugh, focus, challenge myself, think big and believe in myself. Funny, I think she sees the same qualities in me, and this is one of the many reasons Michelle chose me to be her coach for her #50Days2Fifty Challenge. 

My hope is to inspire to women truly rise up and live their best life - to avoid the noise around them and focus on their inner voice and spirit!  My passion includes helping men and women simplify their lives with clean and healthy living.

One way to simplify is through cleaning out the toxins in our lives. Yes, this also includes toxic relationships! I’m a big believer in finding your tribe and sticking close to those that believe in you 100% - and that includes all the crazy sides too. Today, I would love to share four simple things you can do to “clean up some of the toxins in your life.” 

1. Remove Fragrance & Toxins from your home-  Fragrance is leaking in so many of our products and we don’t even realize it. Perfumes, cleaning products, detergents, candles, and your EVERYDAY personal care products. Start by looking at your labels. If you see the word Fragrance - ditch it. Additionally, there are a lot of household cleaners out there with hazardous ingredients! 48% of labels don’t even mention all their ingredients, because quite frankly, they’re not required to.

2. Remove your shoes at the door -This should on the top of everyone’s list and it’s so easy to do! Think of all the places your shoes go…. and then you bring all the pollutants into your home! Remove the shoes at the door and ask your friends to do the same. I always think to myself, I don’t want the public bathroom, oil, gas, dirt, and dust in my home, thank you very much! 

3. Add indoor plants -It increases oxygen, reduces carbon dioxide levels, and reduces airborne dust levels. Exposure to air pollution, including indoor and out, harms children’s cognitive development. Specifically, it reduces intelligence, according to Sandra Steingraber, biologist, author, and advocate. Additionally, clean your air ducts and filters regularly, and mop with vinegar and essential oils.

4. Remove skincare and beauty products with Parabens, Formaldehyde, Sulfates, or Phthalates- all of these ingredients are potentially harmful and are extremely common! Start the process of elimination with the products you use everyday, for example: lotions, deodorant, face creams, body washes, shaving cream, and sunscreen. Some of my favorite clean beauty brands are Beautycounter,RMS Beauty, Garden Goddess, Wall3, TYPE A Deodorant and Acure.

I’d also like to encourage you to get back in touch with Nature.  With all the chemicals and carcinogens in our lives today, we need a little of Mother Nature’s medicine. I could go on and on with tips and tricks to live your best life. For now, enjoy the new moon, the change of season, the feeling of holiday around the corner. My hope is that these tips are helpful and easy to implant into your already busy life. I’m a health and wellness lifestyle expert, and a Founding Member and Managing Director of Beautycounter. I coach men and women on their path to balance, business, health, healing, nutrition and parenting. 

My wish for you always is love, peace and health.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with EmpowHer LA and am delighted to see these amazing woman step into this Beautycounter journey to educated the teens of our future with their Clean Teen initiative.

XX Kristine

Please check out, and “think dirty” app on your phone, for guides to safer, non toxic products that will be fragrance free. 

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