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Transformative Transitions

Let’s face it friends, we are all in a state of transition RIGHT NOW, but not only right now; at any given time! You heard me speak in our Tidbit Tuesday this week in detail about my thoughts on this subject which I LOVE as a coach. Transitions at the most basic level mean changing from one state or condition to another. It’s happening whether we are conscious or awake to them. Have you ever thought of your transitions as being transformative? What if I told you, they can be? Are you open to the idea of resisting the urge to control the process? the outcome?... to be present in all facets of the transition, to get to the goal for fear and elation, happiness and sadness and of course, success and failure. How can we flow through our journey to grow through it? It's progress over perfection.  In this blog post, Transformative Transitions, I want to leave you with the understanding and tools that while transitions can be hard, that is a mindset and that if we shift our mindsets during any change we can adopt a different perspective or lense to see the change or process more positively. Maybe it's not hard, but rewarding, invigorating, challenging, but you are learning and growing at every given moment through it.

Last month we discussed goals and resolutions and that less than 10% of people reach their goals they set forth in January. In fact, they give up by mid-February. My goal is to allow us to “wake up” to our transitions and make choices from a mindful, value-centered place. We can create the life we envision and want to live one step at a time walking consciously through the peaks and valleys attracting what we want and who we want to surround ourselves with during this time. I believe in you and know that at any stage in your life you can step in to your goal, it doesn’t have to be perfect to get started. Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you it most definitely wasn’t a perfect journey, but they wouldn’t change it for anything.

Our expansive world is drastically changing and shifting minute by minute… on one hand there is consistent global awareness as well as more information on a local community level. More specifically speaking around our politics and yes you guessed it “the Corona Virus.” These types of events or milestones allow us to be more acutely aware of the transitions or “change” constantly happening around us. These stages remind us of how transient life is and how important it is to start your journey NOW!

We get so comfortable in our daily routines because it’s safe and comforting. The lens or mindset that you choose to have as you experience your process of transition is really important when trying to manifest your goals. Transitioning your viewpoint to more of an open-minded and confident perspective allows us to see ourselves and the world in a different way. Transitions can create fear and anxiety as it  perpetuates unanswered questions and unexpected outcomes. But, we need to address the fear head on instead of backing off from our desired goals. One of the most life-changing books that I recommend to address "fear" is, Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway, by Susan Jeffers. It's one of my favorites and anyone who knows me, knows I recommend this book as it changed my mindset and life!

The topic of transitions can be broad and overwhelming. As we get older, it becomes harder to begin and continue our journeys as we begin to face more life challenges and responsibility. In the book, Passages, by Gail Sheehy, she describes that Men in their 40s and 50s are seeking security and slowing down, while women are gearing up for their “Next Chapter,” redefining themselves and coming out! Listen... change is imminent - we must address the fear in order to move forward. I often ask my clients the question, “What’s the worst thing that can happen if you choose…?” When we frame it like that, then it diffuses and un-arms the individual normally allowing them to realize that the first step isn’t that difficult.

Keep in mind the simple fact that it’s not only about the goal, but more about the journey… the trials and tribulations we all go through as people help us transform into the people we’re meant to become. Don’t get stuck in a state of fear, move forward, no more overthinking. Do! Move into action! A little progress each day and in time you have had a Transformative Transition.

Here are some tools, tips and reminders to help you in your transformational journey...

You are the author of your life! What will your next chapter bring? New season, new goals, new transitions and most importantly new growth.

The way I see and approach it is WAKE UP - You have One shot and One moment and One life! It’s like the movie “8 mile” and Eminem’s song, Lose Yourself - Say yes to losing yourself in the process = Don’t let the moment this opportunity go… It comes once in a lifetime. Open yourself to the subtleties of what’s out there in THIS lifetime - don’t let it go! YOU can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.... bring it to life!

Your life is a story of transitions. You are leaving one chapter behind while writing the next one. Let’s get started!


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