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Just Show Up: Face Your Fear

You know the saying, “The hardest part is just showing up.”? I’ve been thinking about the idea of what it means to show up in all areas of our life. As the quote goes, “the way we do one thing is the way we do everything.” When we show up, we make our presence known physically and most definitely through our energy we emit. Everything comes together in one.

What does it mean to show up? Showing up means being present. We previously talked about what it means to be fully present in a situation. It’s okay to permit yourself to be fully present! Some of you may be saying, I am present, but are you comfortable being vulnerable? Do you truly show who you are? What are you afraid of and protecting? Disappointment and hurt are also a part of growth, it is inevitable. I always ask myself the question, What is the worst thing that can happen? In general, it’s not too bad so I choose to move forward. I love this Brene Brown quote, “vulnerability is the core, the heart, the center, of meaningful human experiences.” Sometimes, we just need to take a moment, collect our thoughts, and breathe. Then, we can carry on with our commitments. 

As you know, I’ve devoted myself to yoga and breathwork over the past five years. I love helping other people connect their mind, body, and spirit in meaningful and impactful ways! This year, I committed to becoming certified in a different version of breath work. Was it a little bit scary to show up for myself and others in this capacity? Heck yes! Embarking in something different can ALWAYS be just a little bit frightening. But can I let you in on a secret? We can be afraid and do hard things despite our fears! It’s OKAY to be fearful. In fact, it’s completely normal to have some fear or anxiety. 84% of people carry irrational fears, that’s a high percentage. Trust me, I’m right there with you as your coach. But before you start to spiral. Let me help you out of it. You MUST address your fears head-on. Then, once you get over that fear, you’ll come out stronger or with a new mindset you previously didn’t have.

But can I let you in on a secret? We can be afraid and do hard things despite our fears! It’s OKAY to be fearful. In fact, it’s completely normal to have some fear or anxiety. Trust me, I’m right there with you. But before you start to spiral. Let me help you out of it. You MUST address your fears head-on. Then, once you get over that fear, you’ll come out stronger or with a new mindset you previously didn’t have.

Our instinct is to run away when the going gets tough. It’s easy and sometimes safe to want to stay home and not embrace any type of challenge. However, there is something so rewarding when we stick with our commitments, show up for ourselves (and others), and keep on going. Do you remember that book, “The Little Engine That Could?” He kept saying, “I think I can, I think I can.” He kept plugging away at that hill, his challenge, and SPOILER ALERT, he made it to the top and was better for overcoming the obstacles and continuing.

I too experience fear on a daily basis, I mean I am an entrepreneur afterall.  The book I refer to all my clients is called Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. Reading this book changed my life and my perspective on fear. It is all about risk.  I recently addressed my fear head on in relation to the Breathwork Detox certification program with Kurtis Lee Thomas. 

I am proud to say I chose to follow through and completed this transformative program this month. You see, I had signed up two years ago and this is where divine timing comes in and making a commitment to yourself. Kurtis' Breathwork Detox program changed my life when I started participating three years ago.  The release and relief you feel is immediate and undeniable. Did you know that we store up to 70% of our toxins in our gut? Breathwork provides a surefire way to release these toxins, promoting detoxification and revitalization from within. Stay tuned for scheduled Breathwork Detox Classes facilitated by me starting in April, where you'll have the opportunity to explore this transformative practice for yourself. Click here to get on the list and embark on your journey towards improved well-being through the power of breath. Since we know the mind is so good at developing excuses for why do not choose to move forward, time was the reason I gave to myself for not getting started two years ago. We know time is an excuse and that if we really want to complete something the gain has to be more valuable than the risk to continue. In fact, during our certification one of Tony Robbins lead facilitators came in to chat with us on the topic of fear.  The key take away from his presentation was “Fuck Fear.” Don’t hold yourself back, time to step in. Remember, your painting gets messy before it’s a masterpiece.

1. Recall a time when fear loomed large, yet you pressed forward; what inner resources did you draw upon to conquer your apprehensions?


2. Picture a current fear-inducing situation; how can you break it down into manageable steps and gradually acclimate yourself to overcome it?


3. Reflect on past experiences where facing fear led to growth; how can you apply those lessons to confront present or future challenges with resilience?

A major obstacle that can be challenging is maintaining a positive mindset and work ethic. Many people choose to give up when things get the least bit challenging instead of understanding the discomfort is part of the learning and growth process. Not only has the workforce changed tremendously in the last couple of years, but people’s outlook on life has as well. Some of this change has been positive and has allowed the space for more flexibility and freedom. This can lead to more innovation and big ideas it can also lead to isolation and lack of desire to connect to the outside world. I am a big believer in strong communication skills and having difficult conversations. This IS part of showing up is addressing the fear around your joy or dissatisfaction. In any environment whether it be personal or professional problem solving, communicating, producing work or coming up with ideas you are proud to be a part of is an essential part of life. A clear balance of work and life contributes to a positive work ethic. Admittedly, the two can sometimes blur, making the lines murky. This is when we see burnout and a decrease in productivity everywhere in our life. 

What can be done to prevent this epidemic of "not showing up" in your life? I’ve said this once, and I’ll say it again and again: communication is key. How will people know what’s going on in our lives and our struggles if we don’t let them in to help us out? Or simply say it and talk about it even when it's scary or we are worried about disappointing them or worse ourselves. I’m here to remind you that a community of people is excited to take the load off your shoulders and help you evenly distribute the weight. Together, we can ask for help and help others when needed. Sometimes it just takes slowing down, feeling into the situation, writing down our thoughts before we speak, taking that breath and saying it! The key in all of this is showing up and doing those things that make us just a little bit scared.

I’m so happy I followed through to dedicate the time to me and ultimately you to become certified in this breathwork detox program. There will be more exciting news to come on this front.  But what did it take for me to gain the desired result I wanted to achieve you ask? JUST SHOW UP!

Be well. Do well.

All my Best,


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