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Coaching Benefits

“Michelle has helped me create the balanced life I always wanted.”—GM

PSA ALERT! - How are all my beautiful ladies doing out there? We all need a check in from time to time. I know I do… It is important to allow someone to feel seen and heard. This is a stressful time for everyone, we need to find time to STOP, Breathe and see how we are doing? What I do know is the days are LONG and frankly one bleeds into another and it can be difficult to navigate between work, kids, cleaning, cooking and all on REPEAT! For me, one day I feel completely energized and motivated - killing my goals but next I feel depleted and defeated. However, I have to pick my bootstraps and say to myself “Everything is a choice, what are you choosing? Shift your mindset, Michelle - positive attracts positive.” Focus on what you CAN control and the small stuff leads to big stuff and it all feeds our soul and nourishes us. This was one reason Kristine Gardner and I chose to develop our FREE Get Grounded - Power Hour Day-Treat a few weeks ago. We wanted to support women in ways to connect and give themselves the gift of time to discover and explore during quarantine. It was so well received by the women and they were grateful for the experience. Since Mother’s Day just passed, I have been reflecting on my Mom a lot! My mom taught me so many of which was how to be a good listener and to hear what might be going on for people beneath the surface. I love being a transitional coach and guiding people toward their goals and dreams! Coaching became a part of my life 15 years ago when I transitioned out of the corporate world. I was looking for my next step in life to help people identify what’s important for them and discover their purpose. At that time in my life, there was a lot of unknowns for me, I felt lost without a compass - I wanted to transition my career while so badly wanted a baby (now I have 3). Working with my own coach transformed my life. I learned to allow myself to flow and try not to control. The lesson is to move through the unknown with ease and grace - picture a pebble bouncing down the stream not knowing where it will land. It is human nature to want to control the outcome, but what if we didn' do we let go in order to grow?

Everyone is striving for connection (including me) by jumping on Zoom calls, trying to make the structured unstructured and fun - suddenly work and personal life seem to be blending in the same location and devices lead us day into night. I’m grateful for the technology and knowledge that allows us to stay connected and provides us with endless opportunities for growth. However, we need to set boundaries so we can stay grounded and aligned with what we value. Do you truly know what you value?

If you are feeling overwhelmed? Lost? Need accountability. Or would like to reach your goals! NOW is the time to seek the support of a coach and also allow your community to surround you during this time. Seeking the support of a coach or therapist can help you process, feel heard and regroup. We had such a great response in April to our FREE coaching we are continuing the offering until the end of May for FREE ½ hour coaching sessions sign up through our calendly Many of you requested, Kristine Gardener and I to continue through the Summer offering our monthly FREE Get Grounded - Power Hour Day-Treats - every third Wednesday of the month at 10am. Don’t miss out sign up for the next one it's coming up next week Wednesday, May 20th at 10am. Click here to sign up now! TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY! This is an amazing way to connect in community and grow through personal development. create the space for yourself to continue Getting Grounded and aligning your goals and values during these uncertain times. We want you to give yourself this gift of time to create and discover what you want to move forward on in the next month!

Why not take the opportunity to Get Grounded with a Power Hour? All it takes is that one YES! You will grow and discover your best self…. Most people tend to adopt habits more easily when they’re actively engaged in the learning process. The more you learn, the more you grow!! Here's welcoming growth during quarantine!

"As a coach, Michelle gave me just what I needed when I needed it- whether it was a cheerleader or a reality check! She helped me stay the course and focus on what I really wanted, both personally and professionally. The results speak for themselves. Today, I am living my dream job!" Amy Liu - Founder, Tower 28


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