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Courageous Leadership

Let’s be crystal clear, NO ONE should ever have to experience or feel fearful for their lives nor should anyone be treated with inequality based on the color of their skin. Period.

In these recent months and days, many people have felt an increase in fear. And rightly so. I have had days where I have felt fearful myself and then I re-center and ground and remind myself I am safe. God will always look down and bless me whatever my path. We have addressed fear a lot, but mostly in the context of fear to move forward on to your goals. Black people wake up with fears for their life– of being harassed, pulled over, put in jail, being shot and frankly experiencing some sort of bigotry, racial slur or racism every single day. My heart aches in thinking that, if I were a black mother, every day my child may not return home as someone may commit a hate crime against them. All lives have value, but these recent days have brought to the forefront years of police brutality and racism again black lives. Black lives matter to me, my family, and education needs to take place in our country around other cultures and history. We need to do better in our country and NOW! This change creates positive movement for our country.

What is a courageous leader anyway? A leader is anyone who guides people towards a specified goal. Today, we can be a leader by showing up, believing in our abilities, pushing through the fear that’s in your way and honoring your way. I know that sometimes this is easier said than done, but one of the ways that we can combat this fear is by having courage in the face of fear. Below are some characteristics of Courageous Leaders.

We need to have the courage to lead. I want to emphasize that there is not one cookie-cutter shape for courageous leaders. Every leader looks different and many acts of courage can be done as a leader. Today, we need every type of leader, fighter, and up stander that we can get. Those who use their voices are needed. Those who write eloquently are needed. Those who use their quiet voices are needed. Everyone is NEEDED to create this positive change to eradicate racism.

If you know me, you know that supporting others is my passion, clearly why I became a coach.You might be wondering how you can speak up and support those who need it the most. Let me give you this analogy that you might have heard before, but it seems even more applicable in this day and age. We are one body made up of many different parts. Cells, organs, and limbs - You name it! The beauty behind this one body is that when one of the parts is hurting, regardless of its size, the rest of the body focuses its energy on healing that one hurting part.

When one group of our society is in pain the rest of us need to join together to assist. I know I myself having grown up with immigrant parents in a racially diverse home by a Father that is Mexican American and grew up in East Los Angeles and a Mother that escaped communism in East Germany find the extreme importance of dedicating my time and mentoring in communities to help more people of color rise in our country.

Sometimes we aren’t sure what we can or should do. It can be difficult for some people to figure out how to use their voice. Speaking out and supporting looks different for everyone.

Most importantly we must RISE UP TOGETHER and BE COURAGEOUS LEADERS.


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