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Get in Gear!

In the same way that the leaves change color in the fall, (unless you live in Southern California) we are constantly going through seasons of change. I think it’s important that we encourage each other to step into the change rather than trying to avoid or side-step the change that we encounter. After all, change is something that we can not only learn from but we can also grow from it! Yes, we can still learn and grow once we reach adulthood!

In my lifetime I have experienced my fair share of change, and I fully anticipate to experience so much more. In fact, if we know there is one thing for certain we know the one thing that change is constant! Shhh! I now secretly love the process of transition even though it is super uncomfortable and scary entering the unknown. Yes, it happens to me too, but I slow down and embrace the steps, sitting into what is uncomfortable and evaluating what am I really afraid of?!? Each season of change or transition brings with it new learning experiences that I hold with me forever. I distinctly remember that when I left the corporate world I was “out of my element” as they say.

I was struggling even though it was my choice to embark on this new journey of seeking more work-life balance and entering the Coaching and Leadership space. It was so vastly different than that of my career in marketing that I knew I could continue to thrive and be outwardly successful. Of course, during this time I had to weigh the financial implications as well.

There are about (8) different areas one evaluates when making a career transition. It was a huge risk to leave what was known and what I knew I was good at to explore an area I knew nothing about nor did I have a strong network in the area.

What I did know was that I wanted to impact future leaders and help give them a voice and the courage to step in not out. My conviction was strong and that helped lead me and unveil numerous opportunities. I was clear on what I wanted or at least the general area, and I asked my community for help even though I didn’t know anyone in Human Resources or Leadership. I was sure someone in my network would help guide me if I asked for help! I think that’s a lesson that everyone can learn from - asking for help and so important on your journey. Even though transitions can bring up the uncertainties and fear, we can always lean into our personal networks to help guide us through times of uncertainty. You are not alone!

Despite all of the changes that I’ve experienced throughout my life, I still get nervous or anxious. I think we all experience moments of uncertainty when our stomach churns with nervousness. That “Oh Sh*t!” moment. Lord knows that even in my current experience of pursuing Yoga Teacher Training I am riding all the waves of personal growth in this journey.

One day I’m fine and confident and the next I'm questioning my choices. It’s normal! No one ever said growth is easy, but they will always explain that through the discomfort there is learning. What we must do is push through or maybe not even push, but walk through the stages so we can make some healthy changes and get in gear.

Even though we might be feeling uncomfortable about transition or changes, I think that there are a few ways we can empower you during this change-powered uncertainty and embrace the positive developments in our lives.

1. Write it out! I think that writing out our feelings or keeping a consistent journal helps ground us in them. Make a pros and cons list, SWOT analysis or evaluate the SMART goals we talked about in the last blog post of this new change that you’re thinking about. Sometimes if words do not inspire you you can find visuals that are representative of the feeling or emotion you want - put that in your journal, it doesn’t need to be a whole board. What are some of the specific things that are making you feel uncomfortable? And how can you address them?

2. Talk with an objective friend, professional or accountability partner. While writing might work for some of us, others of us are outward processors. In times of stress, I like to pick up the phone and call a loved one, either a good friend or one of my sisters. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to our thought process, so we can fully evaluate this change that we’re stepping into. During Covid my practice has increased with new and old clients seeking change and stress reduction tips and tools. This is the reason for offering the FREE Get Grounded Power Hour every month.

3. BREATH! - meditate, regroup, and recreate. At the end of the day, we are going through a lot both physically and mentally when we embrace the change. It can make us hold our breath which, of course, causes even more stress! We want to create an opening and expansiveness that all things are possible. The new things that you are doing will bring you to different outcomes. Allow your body and mind to open up and reveal the answers to you with some deep slow breaths. Of course, there are so many apps available with guided inspiration mediations around finding purpose, reducing stress, and quieting the mind like Calm, Unplug, Headspace, and Insight Timer - many are FREE.

What are we doing to get to the outcomes that we want? Are these changes bringing us closer to our goals? Although difficult, I think it’s important to ask ourselves these questions. I want the best for everyone because I am passionate about guiding others not only to reach their goals but to discover what they want from this life! Remember that we are here to lift each other up and to LOVE each other through this season of change!

Whether it be the gears in our brain or the ones on our bike, one thing we know we need to do to get started is to start to pedal forward and Get in Gear!

To our lives and our health!

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