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How many of you wake up every morning and make your bed? Or do you wake up and practice the splits like me? Are you conditioned to look at your phone the first thing after opening your eyes, or take that time to set your intention for the day or meditate? If you’re anything like me, you feel the urge to develop new and healthy habits by the end of the year. There’s always some sort of goal that we reach towards, and these new seasons provide us with the OPPORTUNITY to take charge of our lives and create and cultivate healthy habits that guide us toward our success.

Can you believe we are closing in on the first quarter of 2022? I know many of us had a slow start to the new year and continue to feel some monotony associated with this every on-going shift in our universe. You might be overwhelmed, unmotivated, or both, and I think it’s important to acknowledge that it can be difficult to know where to begin. I start to think, reflect and select potential goals in November and December the year prior. So when I “officially” start my year, I have had some introspection and reflection time about what worked and didn’t as I entered a new year. I am all about being realistic and setting tangible goals with interim milestones so that I feel accomplished, successful and can make those habits stick. Now let’s talk about how we can benefit from creating healthy habits.

You may have seen my Tik Tok from last week on habits to choose to incorporate into your daily routine. I like to stretch myself with some big goals every year, but the consistency of my daily routine is what affords me the success to complete my goals. Small things like drinking more water, stretching, daily exercise, committing to reading, listening to a podcast or choosing to start my day off with an intention that sets the tone for me helps us create habits.

For example, you may have seen me post super early in the morning on my story while it is still dark outside, I love to wake up early for my “ME” time. As women and mothers we so often do not give ourselves the gift of ME time. While I was a gymnast growing up, one this is for certain, if I didn't commit to staying flexible through my yoga practice or stretching I wouldn't be able to still slide into the splits at all. A small new habit I chose to put in place this year is to try to replace the word “Um” with a pause as I hear this word and “absolutely” a lot. Small consistent tangible daily steps with systems in place promote growth toward positive outcomes.

The most critical aspect of starting a new habit is to keep the motivation running. Did you know that it can take as little as 18 days to form a new habit? In a little over two weeks, you can be committed to a healthy habit that could change your life for the better. In fact, studies show that habits can take up to 254 days or more to make a habit stick. What is a habit you want to embark on for the remainder of the year? This Tid Bit video was from last year about my goals which took me back to how I was able to succeed at these goals through creating consistent habits and routine. How will you take charge of your well-being this year? If you’re feeling stuck on where to begin, it’s always helpful to think small and branch out from there. Perhaps you want to switch your morning coffee to green tea, or maybe you replace an hour of your screen-time with an hour of reading. Think of the little steps you can take to create a healthier version of yourself and a happier version of yourself.

One thing that has really helped me when creating new habits is hiring a coach or a committed partner that I can lean on to keep me accountable. A coach can meet you where you are at and gently (or not so gently depending on how big of a push you need!) remind you to keep staying aligned with your values and reach for your goals. Perhaps you want to involve the whole family and create new habits that everyone can hold onto; for example, Meatless Mondays. Whatever your habit is, think about how it can help you align with your values and project you into your goals this year. Surround yourself with a community of necessary people and tools to gain success in these new year habits. Learn more about our MembHership here.

Here are some tips to getting started

  1. Be realistic: It’s so easy to get carried away and create unrealistic goals for yourself. Level with where you’re at in life and set your intentions within reasonable reach. According to Jack Canfield, “real success typically follows a series of small events and achievements that happen over time…” Try not to think too big, our habits might not achieve world peace, but maybe we can start by practicing kindness as one of our habits.

  2. Structure and Systems: We all want lasting change and transformation. This is why what you choose to do every day is so important. A system of continuous small daily improvements is what creates progress for success. An amazing resource is James Clear’s book Atomic Habits where he discusses the 4 Stages - 1) Noticing 2) Wanting 3) Doing 4) Liking

  3. Focus on the Opportunity: In life there will always be obstacles that keep us from achieving our goals. It’s not the roadblock that matters, it's how we adapt and pivot to get around them. When life gets in the way of your healthy habits, take a step back to reevaluate and try again. When you are in need of inspiration

  4. Mindful mindset: This might sound redundant, but I want to remind you of the power that our mindset has over our goals and intentions. Our brains are so awesome because when we fill ourselves with positive energy we’re able to use that as fuel in our daily lives. How cool is that? Read up on how to use your mindset effectively in the books Emotional Intelligence and Mindset.

We’ve been through so much in the last two years. The unimaginable has kept us on our toes in a constantly shifting world. This leads to my words that keep me on track for the year - have you picked yours yet? IMPACT - Flexible, This year we want to focus on staying happy and healthy - mentally and physically. Together, let's create new habits that help us achieve our goals. Imagine 6-12 months from now congratulating yourself on your accomplishments because your habits you created are built to last! Don’t hesitate to start today, actually at this moment! Grab your pen and write one small habit down that you want to start NOW! I believe in us! We can do it!

Be well. Do well.

All my best,

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