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Go For The Goal, NOT Gold!

Now that the noise of January and the new year has settled down - the new decade, new you and resolutions it’s time to really settle into the new year and what you want to create as the year progresses forward and really have a plan or “structure” for how you plan to get there. It’s February 2020! Yikes!

In January we talked a lot during our Tid Bit Tuesday’s about creating healthy habits, evaluating where we are spending our time, and building a structure for success. Why? Do you know why? You see, in order to get to your goals all three of these things are necessary steps in your journey. Let’s talk real talk, friends.... New Year doesn’t mean new means taking the time to take an inventory of YOU and what you want, what things you might want to shine a light on to change. Not just any change, but positive change that will make you happier and more fulfilled. Change will only happen when “You” are ready to commit and to create a new habit. Let’s be honest, sometimes we need to sit into the uncomfortableness or frustration to process and reassess how will I get there, what do we really want to create for ourselves and frankly what is our specific motivation to get to the goal. Any goal is about progress and process…versus perfection. It’s the cliché “it’s a journey not a destination in life,” but it’s true.

As we look to the upcoming months we have new goals, new thoughts and new things we’d like to reach for, but in doing so we need to ask ourselves… How important is this goal to me? What will this outcome bring me? How what will we give up in order to build structure in for the success of something else we need to actually take a moment to think to ourselves where am I spending my time am I being affective?

We learned that the average person, man or woman, spending most of their time working and cleaning their house (9.7 hours per day), which if you ask me is another form of work – Lol. So what will you give up in terms of hours from one thing to bring more of another in… It’s a contingency question – if this… then this… For example, if I want to work out more there are only so many hours in a day, and I have four other humans to take care of, and two animals (four with the fish and the hamster) - my question to myself is: do I work less? To give myself that extra 2 hours I need to back out the drive time, shower etc. Basically, do you want to make yourself a priority to reach this goal.

The reality is in order to let something new into our lives we have to let go of an old pattern or habit. In fact, we learned recently from my tidbit a few weeks ago that it takes about 6

5 days to create a habit and there is research that it is anywhere between 65-250. After all, only 10% of resolutions are met is that because they are unrealistic, they lack structure or people aren’t willing to change their habits? We want to create short term and long-term goals.  The most important thing is to be specific and take daily action no matter how much time you decide to dedicate towards moving forward. Celebrate your small wins and don’t get caught up on the setbacks (because you will have them – accept that). Using a mantra or a daily devotion can help as well. I believe in accountability but be accountable to yourself. You count and matter most! Every action or thought starts with you and within you.


It really comes down to your determination, commitment and resilience. Being an athlete, runner, and competitor takes strength and endurance. It’s about getting started, not stopping yourself. Go for the GOAL, not the Gold!


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