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Women Really Need Each Other

We really do need each other. Not only is the world a much softer and gentler place when we come together, the amount of opportunities for self-exploration and personal growth are endless. As we go through different stages of life, whether it be graduating from college, embarking a new career or starting a family, women can find themselves asking "When will I have time for me?" As the founder of EmpowHer LA, I've made it my life's mission to not only empower women and bring them together, but also enable them to carve out time for themselves to focus on community building, connectivity, entrepreneurship and gain the tools they need to step into their own personal power. I have a courageous spirit with the curiosity of "I Love Lucy" and whole lot of Energizer Bunny! This is what keeps me motivated to reach for my dreams. I understand that sometimes life can pull us in so many different directions that our focus and motivation need to be realigned, guided by our own core values and authentic self. 

Women are pivotal in my life as a mother of 3 girls, a wife of 20 years and the youngest daughter of 3 girls. Just after the birth of my first daughter 14 years ago, my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and it had a profound affect on me. This experience inspired me and is one of the driving forces behind the launch of EmpowHer LA. My mother was the strongest person I knew, both physically and emotionally, instilling her belief that everyone is capable of achieving their dreams, and that a strong community connection and sense of belonging plays a vital role in a woman’s life.

This brings us to the EmpowHer LA logo - the modern-day version of a compass. Just like a compass, EmpowHer LA believes that no matter which direction we choose in life, we can always return home; returning to our core values and to the essence of who we are – not the unrealistic expectations that society tries to place on us.

With 25 years of experience in brand and corporate marketing, and career and life coaching, I truly hold space for my clients, embarking on a true partnership with them. I don't tell you where to turn, but guide you symbolically, empowering you to use your own values as your personal compass throughout your life's journey and to connect to your core being.

EmpowHer LA offers the opportunity to discover, connect, collaborate and build community with likeminded women. It offers women the chance to take time out for themselves, laugh a lot, learn new things and get inspired and motivated. It offers a safe space where we can share, listen, learn, build authentic relationships and most of all, where we can get back in touch with the core of who we are and what we want for our lives.

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