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Self-Care isn't Selfish - It's Self LOVE!

Health is wealth as they say and I can’t agree more! Self-care is a priority both physically and mentally whether it be a simple 10 minute walk to feel the fresh air, a in home facial or spending time with a friend – connection and helping yourself feel whole is imperative! Now more than ever we need to prioritize self-care, not only for ourselves but also to encourage our loved ones to practice self-care as well.

A recent survey found that 80% of Americans will prioritize self-care after the pandemic is over. My question for all of us is why wait? If we keep putting off self-care, it’ll never happen. It would then be easy to spiral into unhealthy habits. The results from this survey showed the weariness of Americans across the country. It also states that we have a “need for a system that empowers individuals to maintain healthy habits they formed and emphasizes strategies that support self-care--like good nutrition, exercising, and stress reduction--alongside guidance from physicians." Again, we must take care of ourselves in order to live long, healthy lives.

On top of pandemic and election stress, we are now officially entering into the season of holiday stress. We need to prioritize taking care of our bodies so that we can withstand the stress that this year has brought. I know that this year the holidays will look different than they have in the past.

Everything from completing your holiday shopping to family gatherings will probably be changed! This is a lot for us to take in. I want to remind you that it’s okay to set boundaries, but we must take into account our emotions (and the emotions of our loved ones) when setting these boundaries. Don’t be afraid to take time to reflect on a decision before making it. These are all self-care practices that we can implement in our daily lives!

In the coming month, I’m going to be starting a Gratitude Challenge! In fact, I posted my gratitude grid on Instagram this past Wednesday. You can start it at any time, mine started on Wednesday, November 11 – December 11, 2020 – each day there are tangible things you can do every day to bring more gratitude into your life. I have attached the grid here for you to follow.

I would love for you to participate with me in this challenge, why? To bring more kindness into our world. We need to help one another along right now!

Of course there are all the other very important health benefits you most definitely need to know including reduction of stress, more joy, mental strength, sleep better, reduces aggression and anxiety – basically a happier self and life.

Please forward and tag two friends to this challenge and there will be a prize at the end for those who update me and tag me on their progress. Who doesn’t want a prize? So FUN.

Whenever one of my loved ones comes to me saying they’re stressed, I like to remind them to breathe and return to their breathe. Every thing we do starts with our breath. Oftentimes, when we’re stressed we hold all of that inside ourselves and physically hold our breath. Let me tell you, this only makes the stress worse! When you find yourself feeling more anxious, or when you are looking to practice self-care maybe try to take a deep breath to re-center your mind. It is scientifically proven it only takes 16 seconds to shift your brain. That’s 3 deep intentional breathes. Let’s try it together now!

Hold...Slowly Breathe in...1...2...3. Hold it at the top for two breathes 1...2... Breath out slowly...1...2...3. Slowly Breathe in...1...2...3. Hold it at the top for two breathes 1...2...Breath out slowly...1...2...3.

Breathe in...1...2...3. Hold it 1...2...Breath out...1...2...3.

How are you feeling now? I must share with you there are so many benefits to deep breaths or perhaps even better starting a meditation practice. I LOVE my meditation practice and using Insight Timer and Unplug Meditation as a resource on a daily basis. In my research and experiences, I have found several benefits of deep breathing. Here are a few!

  • Boost immunity

  • Process emotions, heal emotional pain and trauma

  • Develop life skills

  • Develop or increase self-awareness.

  • Enrich creativity

  • Improve personal and professional relationships

  • Increase confidence, self-image, and self-esteem

It has been 9 months since we started our FREE Get Grounded – Power Hour where we use breath work and learn about meditation as a tool to recenter and focus on what you want to create during this month. Join us in our connected community to bring forward and manifest all the possibilities and goals. I hope that these words have inspired you to be kind to yourself. During these times we need to be mindful of how our bodies and minds feel. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries, say no, or take some time to breathe. To our health and wellness… Remember Self Care is Self LOVE! We all need more love in our lives!

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