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Soak In Summer - 13 Ways to Play in 13 Weeks

Soak in Summer Friends! Do you want to Play the Day Away this Summer? What does that look like for you? Play that is. Is it the beach, afternoon barbecues with friends, outdoor music concerts, dancing or hot summer nights on the lake. I most certainly do want to play this Summer; always have and always will! It’s a commitment I made to myself. Why? As we have discussed through our recent post on Instagram, play is the way to a more joyful and youthful life. You may have tapped into the most recent Elissa Goodman, Episode 84, where she discusses ways to build a long fruitful life. Many of her tools that she religiously uses are most definitely ways to hold yourself accountable and create better habits toward a more healthy life.

Ah, summer. Who doesn’t love this time of year, the season of warmth, and vibrant energy? Have you ever wished you were a kid again where you can tap into your open heart and free your mind. This is what the gift of play gives us. A freedom to release our stress in ways that lifts our spirits and increases joy. I highly encourage you to appreciate the beauty summer has to offer. In fact, I challenge you to use it as a way to connect to yourself and learn something new about you!

So will you be my playmate? Take my hand and let’s play! I promise to hold space for you and keep you safe (in the end I am really more of a rule follower ha!). Play without hesitation, immersing ourselves in a world of imagination and creativity. This is often what I do with my coaching clients, I give them permission to explore - to discover, to not know. You see it is through not knowing that we learn who we are and what we do and do not want in life. Free yourself of your obligations and go! Play isn't just for kids—it has the power to enhance our happiness, motivation, and overall well-being. This Summer on some of your long sunny days basking in the sun I wanted to provide you with 13 ways to dream and play through tuning in and listening to the Opportunity Knocks Podcast with some inspiring female entrepreneurs below click through and download them now they each have one thing in common they want to play! Elissa Goodman, Kara Wang, Shawna Barasch Wilson, Mara Smith, Ashley Lewis, Christy Moody, Courtney Claghorn, Amy Lui, Suze Yalof Schwartz, Jules Feng, Rachael Blumberg, Lisa Breckenridge and Brittnay Driscoll.


Kara shares her journey in the entertainment industry, from making bold choices in her youth that lead to her success, to navigating the stark differences between her career experiences in Asia and America. It's remarkable to hear how she has carved her own path, breaking free from the limitations of cultural identity and challenges she faced.

Brittany spent four years running marketing for Drybar where she helped take the company from $30M to more than $100M, and prior to that Brittany spent over a decade in marketing and advertising. As a female entrepreneur, cancer survivor, and wellness advocate, Brittany has a strong passion for supporting other women in business and has become a thought leader in her community.

Mara is a former attorney, corporate strategist, and stay-at-home mom. After leaving the corporate world, her next step was up in the air. She always envisioned running her own company and in 2020 set out on her journey to create a tequila brand, Inspiro Tequila. Through her Tequila brand, Mara’s mission is apparent as she inspires and supports other women on their entrepreneurial journeys through financial support and mentoring.

Who here has joined the pickleball craze? With over 14 years of experience coaching players of all levels, Shawna is a perfect fit for Swimply. Expand your playing field and skills by renting a tennis court, pickleball court, basketball court, or even a gorgeous backyard! So many choices!

Simply put, Ashley Lewis is the epitome of the female entrepreneur we champion on Opportunity Knocks and EmpowHer Purpose. Her story is incredible and inspiring as she climbed the corporate ladder to starting her own brand. This brand, dubbed the Sephora of CBD, Fleur Marché, has become known for its high standards, rigorous vetting process, and impeccable curation when it comes to CBD and plant-powered wellness.

Christy is the founder and creator of Soleil Sunwear—a line of super chic, soft, and lightweight sun-protective apparel and accessories for women Soleil Sunwear is designed to unite glamour with outdoor adventurousness so that women can freely enjoy the benefits of nature while safeguarding their health and beauty. Outside of her business, Christy is a non-profit professional, aspiring philanthropist, and a dog and cat mom.

From a young age, Courtney says she always felt her best with a tan!! Don’t we all feel better sun-kissed?!?! When Courtney found herself overpaying for spray tans at underwhelming locations, her husband encouraged her at a young age to find a better solution — and thus, SUGARED + BRONZED was born!

With over 15 years of experience as a beauty executive for some of the most prestigious companies, including Smashbox and Kate Somerville, Amy Liu ventured out and started her own clean beauty company, Tower 28, two years ago. She has received several awards and acclaim already and I give her products a ringing endorsement!

Elissa's journey is a testament to the transformative power of alternative healing and the profound impact of nourishing our bodies with love and compassion. After being diagnosed with cancer in her 30s and then losing her husband to his own fight with cancer, Elissa quit her job at Vogue to study holistic nutrition. Her core values of authenticity, love, and compassion shine through her work.

Suze Yalof Schwartz, the Founder and CEO of the Unplug Meditation App, and the world's first drop-in secular meditation studio. She is also the author of Unplug: A Simple Guide To Meditation for Busy Skeptics and Modern Soul Seekers. Her discovery of meditation leads her on the journey to make meditation simple, accessible, and powerful.

Jules, a former teacher turned MomBoss for 10 years, reinvented herself with no formal training and launched Jules LA in 2013—a small private clothing line designed by the beach, made in LA. It is high-quality resort-inspired, chic sustainable, hand-cut, and timeless. As her business grew, she expanded into a second line, called J|CULTURE in 2019, tapping deep into her Korean culture.

Rachael created and founded PLATEFIT—which is now the Premiere Wellness Vibration Training Studio in the world!—after over 12 years of training clients in her private Power Plate studio in West Hollywood. She took the plunge and opened her doors to fulfill her dream inspired by her love of fitness, health, and sports. Rachael's passion leads her to help others in their health and wellness journeys.

Lisa is a warm, kind, and supportive soul who since I started EmpowHer LA has been nothing less than supportive! Truly women supporting women! Lisa started the “Happily Lisa” blog to bring all things “lifestyle” to our homes and house all the best stories from beauty, to fashion to food and wellness.



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