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Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Energy is matter. And your energy matters. Where we invest it and who we choose to surround ourselves with has a direct correlation to the outcomes we produce whether that be work or our personal life. Given our job market, the decline in our economy and dare I say it the pandemic, our society is struggling to keep our employees engaged, invested and motivated. Employers are struggling to keep productivity high and employees to hit deadlines. This is why your energy matters so much. Knowing how you are intrinsically motivated and what investment of energy serves you and your company. Clearly why I am collaborating with Sarah Deane, Founder of MeVolution to help my coaching clients solve the energy crisis.

Sarah Deane is an experienced professional passionate about managing energy to succeed professionally and personally. You’ve probably heard me gush about the importance of channeling and protecting your energy—Sarah and MEvolution desire to assist you with understanding why our brain works the way it does.

Sarah believes in the transformative power of energy management, but she lives it through her day-to-day life. Her energy is enigmatic! Sarah has dedicated herself to helping individuals and organizations improve their lives by optimizing their energy levels. I’ve had several conversations and chats with Sarah, and every time I sense her energy radiating off of her.

As an advocate for personal growth and development, Sarah confronts and recognizes the challenges many people face, including feeling tired, burnt out, stressed, too busy, or constantly distracted. She’s here to help you address these issues and find a path to a more fulfilling life.

She also focuses on how to revamp employee engagement in the workplace after seeing a steady decline for the past decade. This is why we want to provide a FREE solution for you to evaluate your energy investment next week you have two opportunities to participate and be educated on your energy. Join us for these LIVE transformative calls-

  • Tuesday, May 23 at 11:30am Pacific Instagram LIVE

  • Wednesday, May 24 at 12pm Pacific ZOOM Call

Sarah and her team at MeVolution emphasizes the value of the initiative, which offers various options, including zero-cost possibilities, such as the completely free Energy Management Quick Quiz. One of the other tools is the instructor-taught energy booster program, available at an affordable price of $45, or the comprehensive six-month program, priced at $249. Sarah will teach these programs, ensuring participants receive her expertise and personal touch. As you are aware, as a transformational coach I am certified and use many different assessment tools with my clients, I will be honest I have never used a tool as effective as this one that not only pulls more specific detail on the person but coaching tools to effectively move forward. If you ask me that is win = win.

What sets this initiative apart is its commitment to giving back. A remarkable 10% of all proceeds go to 503c organizations, funding essential well-being programs for at-risk youth and underserved communities.

By participating in the initiative, individuals energize themselves and contribute to the betterment of communities in need.

Sarah Deane is a leader in the field of energy management, and her dedication to helping others achieve their best selves is evident in her involvement with this initiative. With her guidance, individuals and organizations can transform their days, enhance their well-being, and impact society. I am honored to partner with MeVolution on this journey of allowing people to invest their energy where it best serves them and the organization.

Allow me to help provide you and your organization a solution to get your employees engaged and feeling more positively productive! We want to address the burnout here factor all employees are struggling with right now. Join me next week for these calls and feel free to reach out with any questions in advance. Let’s get your energy moving optimally.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Deane on the Opportunity Knocks podcast, if you haven’t yet checked it out, check it out here and learn more about her journey with MEvolution!

As always,

Be well. Do well.

All my best,

P.S. Looking to create change or transform your life? Schedule a FREE call. Want to learn to live in alignment and discover you! Click here. Choose any of our offerings including: Coaching, Discovery Session, Vision Board Session, Values Card Session, Akashic Record Reading, MembHership, or Marketing Consultation.



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