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Soul Celebration

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Dream Big - Be the Alchemist!

What’s in a dream? Your REAL-ity! It states it in the word itself. Do you dream? Do you remember your dreams and write them down? When you dream, do you dream big and believe that those dreams can come true? Well, they can…You are an alchemist, and you have all the tools within you to transform your life!

Adventure, freedom, culture and travel have always been important to me. When I am on a plane I love to look out the window and conjure up the biggest dreams and desires. In fact sometimes I dream of floating on a cloud or flying in the air like a bird - truly living in freedom. Or being free from the fear of “what if’s”.

When I first began my journey as a transformational coach, I envisioned leading a retreat to Bali to encourage individuals to open their hearts, to love deeper and heal not just themselves but all of the community. I deeply desired to facilitate the opportunity for a great alignment and integration for myself and others, creating an unbreakable bond. You see, the healing we do for ourselves impacts others as we are all connected energetically. It’s a direct exchange.

If you dream it, you can do it! I genuinely believe that the experience of leading a retreat in Bali can be best described as a transformative dream come true. While we are all still processing the magnitude of the experience, it was most definitely important to share this journey with all of you!

As a collective EmpowHer Purpose community, we best described this aligned experience with keywords being inspiration, impact, and transformation. Not by chance that these are some of my values as well. This magical immersive experience also brought up the importance of having an open heart, loving with your whole self, and deep-rooted healing in mind, body, and spirit.

We leaned into saying “YES” to life experiences and how restoration plays a pivotal role in our overall well-being. We journeyed to another life far from our day-to-day reality in Los Angeles, where everything felt a lot simpler. It truly highlighted the need for less and to tone down the distractions and noise of external forces.

The Soul Celebration retreat allowed me to shed parts of myself that weigh me down, being immersed in nature and without the daily distractions of everyday life. There were so many moments I felt I was seamlessly melting with the world around me and embracing the beauty of Bali. The rustling leaves and swaying grass guide me back to my heartbeat and breath.

The land of the breathtaking waterfalls made me truly cleansed! These precious moments served as a reminder that life's true beauty lies in the simplicity of presence and harmony with nature, our greatest teacher. Nature is healing for one's soul, and something I truly value. It is a weekly ritual to ground myself in the nature that surrounds me. It helps me stay present in the moment, similar to the way I feel when I do yoga, meditation, my yoga class, breathwork or hiking. Frankly, even in uncomfortable moments of growth, I truly try to stay present with the gifts of learning and move through the emotion versus avoiding them. Going inward allows one to learn more about themselves

and those around them giving one the answers they need to move forward. I had a dream. My dream became a REAL-ity because I chose to take action. Just like my blog back in January of 2023 reminded us, our dreams or desires do not become a reality until we take action. Greg Reid’s quote states it well: “A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.” What are you truly waiting for? Life is made for living, not just dreaming. We are always talking about what we might want to do but not moving toward our goals.

Trust me, while things fell into place for me to hold a retreat in Bali, there were many obstacles that could’ve stopped me from moving forward. I consistently was re-evaluating the necessary steps to actualize my goal. As your transformational coach, you know I believe in being reflective and measuring my progress by setting daily, yearly, and monthly intentions for myself. During the planning process, I often would refer back to my words for the year, making sure I was in alignment with my journey to Bali. As a reminder, my 2023 words and intention were -

Michelle’s 2023 Intentions/Words -

  • Commitment to Self (as mother’s we always commit to our families)

  • Open Heart

  • Open Mind

  • Ready to receive

  • Eager to serve

  • Showing up at whole and all soul

  • Abundance to the fullest form

Leading the Soul Celebration retreat in Bali was one of my greatest life’s blessings to travel around the world to explore diverse cultures, teach yoga, spirituality, rituals, and healing modalities.

I’ve long been called a master manifester; waking up on my first morning in Bali and opening my shades at Villa Selat, I realized that dream had manifested. Whether it was watching the sunrise every morning over the jungle, listening to the waterfall from the yoga shala, the bodyworkers, and healers, dedicating our time to the children of The World is Just a Book Away, or the spiritual ceremonies; I had so many ah-ha pinch me moments - is this really happening I would ask myself! In fact, I even had the opportunity to experience a magical moonrise, a first for me. Whether it was the tiniest everyday moments or the grandest of spiritual

ceremonies, each step I took unfolded as a magical opportunity to delve deeper into personal growth and self-discovery.

Witnessing and holding space for the participants’ personal journeys was an honor and beautiful to watch their openness unravel in mesmerizing ways. By "unravel," I mean observing hearts opening, seeing the softness in someone's eyes, or a heartfelt smile, from the simplest joys to the profound release of emotions. Each experience was a precious gift, etching unforgettable memories into my soul.I'm profoundly grateful for investing in my own growth and seizing the opportunity to launch this tradition of the Soul Celebration retreat in Bali.

So as you start to turn your gaze toward 2024, I encourage you to start to think of your intention or word/s for the year ahead. This word comes through to determine what I want to create for my year ahead. I then take this word to my vision board or journal for the year. It serves as accountability for me on my daily journey - a bit of a road map if you will. If you are looking to work through your word for the year, allow me to help! I can coach you more deeply through this process, and it’s powerful. My words for 2024 came directly from my experience in Bali and a ritual ceremony we had. Michelle's 2024 Intentions/Words-

  • Purity in Heart

  • Sincerity of Actions

  • Clarity in Mind

In fact, it’s a mantra for life! The rest of my life!

I have great news for you. The Soul Celebration was such asuccess we are doing it again! Keep your eyes out for further reflections in future posts! If you missed out on this year’s Bali experience at Villa Selat make sure you secure your deposit now for the last week of September 2024! Click here to learn more! It’s all in the works we’re planning next year’s magical experience. Be sure to save the dates Sunday, September 29 - Sunday, October 6, 2024. Tune in not out to your life’s dreams and desires.

You are the alchemist of your life! It’s time to transform those fears to freedom! Dream big, take action, awesome alchemist!

Be Well. Do Well.

All my best,


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