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Gandhi has been famously quoted stating that “Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your values. Your values become your destiny.” Without hesitation, each client that I encounter is seeking more happiness and fulfillment. What if I told you that by gaining clarity on your values you too can find more happiness? Sounds good? I’d say, I’M IN! Today, I want to discuss the importance of values not only because it is core to my coaching practice, but once you discover, define, gain clarity and align your life to them and choose to live through this lense I promise you, you will lead a more fulfilling life... The essence of Gandhi's quote is YOUR words and YOUR values.

If you’re wondering, “What is a value?” you’ve come to the right woman, cause I love to chat about this under-educated topic and key to happiness. Values are guiding principles in your life that are distinctly you and guide where you make choices in your life.

Values are not merely words and they are not chosen; they are intrinsic to you and represent who you are right now. Values motivate our choices and reflect what is authentically true about you - good and bad, light and dark. I like to see them as a compass guiding us to make decisions from our lens of what is our truth to pave the path toward freedom, not societal obligation. When we choose to align toward our core values we truly create more fulfillment in our lives and, ultimately, happiness. Every day we are faced with decisions, obstacles and opportunities. During this time I recommend that we reflect and align with our core values by asking ourselves some key questions that are in my Value You assessment. Prior to answering anything, stop, take a pause, align and ask yourself, “What part of this aligns with my core values?”, “How does this serve me?” and “What do I know to be true about what this brings me?.” By doing this moment of reflection, we can discern if a situation will leave us feeling good and fulfilled.

Oftentimes when we are feeling not satisfied, unhappy or taken advantage of it is because we have allowed for someone to jeopardize one of our core values. If you do not know your core values or all of this is new to you, you are in the majority and this came acutely clear to me through COVID. We often start our lives with our families talking about their values or household rules but never truly define or are educated on ou