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“For last year's words belong to last year's language, and next year's words await another voice.” T.S. Eliot What are you waiting for as we step into this new year? The door is wide open! I am signing the permission slip with a signature that sprawls across the page - take action and stop waiting.

I love to begin every year with a specific word that guides my intentions for the rest of the year. You may recall that last year's word was IMPACT. As I stated in my previous letter, 2022 was filled with change and growth that, while often uncomfortable, was necessary to move forwards and press on! I’ve spoken to several of you who have experienced immense change and development in 2022. Some of you may have had kids who went away to college (just like me!), experienced extreme loss, moved to a new city, or maybe, started a new position. Even if your change over this past year seemed tiny, I promise you that every little change impacted your overall growth. Change is inevitable, and I assure you that more change will come in the new year. Knock, Knock, it’s change waiting for you to open the door and invite them in! During this season of change, keep yourself in check by closely monitoring how your body, mind, and spirit react to the coming changes. Remind yourself that when the change may seem like too much too soon, you are more capable than you could ever imagine. Affirm that you have all of the tools within yourself to tackle this next step. We all need a support system to continue stepping forward toward our version of success, and this is why I am such a believer in coaching. I found my way to coaching during my most significant transition in life over 20 years ago, and I am grateful for the impact it continues to make in my life to assist me in my most impactful personal transformations. Thankfully my coach (who was a therapist) recommended me to the coaching profession as she recognized my gift to see and serve.

She wanted me to tap into a powerful modality to serve people more deeply and create lasting change. This is your journey, and every twist and turn in your path is magical. I am so thankful that this community made it to 2023! I know that our MembHership is a fantastic place to join in fellowship, learn, grow, and be seen and heard both professionally and personally. I want to congratulate us for making it through to the new year.

Now, I want to ask a crucial question we've dealt with obstacles in 2022 - What is your word for 2023?

Selecting a word is meant to be a fun and inspirational way to guide you as you set the tone and your goals for your year. When clients work with me, they know I don’t just pick a word of the year; I pick a word of the month and for the day. Again, this is another clue into my process of creating successful habits and structure to reach my goals. These words are not just words. They motivate me to do and be better. To ultimately show up for me! Let me be clear there are no rules (thank God!), and there is no pressure. These words can change just as our lives and goals adjust accordingly. For example, some of you may have heard me say that when I picked the word “impact” for the year, I never thought it would manifest in the way it did. In my effort to control the outcome, I had even picked three words to flank it: surrender, flow, and grow, considering our last few years, almost like a protection just in case my goals didn’t come to life. You see, in the end, control is a facade. We have none.

Things show up in our lives, and we can only decide how we respond to them and strive to become unattached to the outcome. This is what I love about the female entrepreneurs I interview on the Opportunity Knocks podcast. They teach me how to become more unattached to the process of life. My process around picking a word comes from my alignment with myself and what I truly feel needs to come forward for me that year—a deep listening inward, if you will. I receive messages from my meditations, silence, nature, the akashic records, and various experts amongst a few places, and I am clear that when I hear them multiple times, I am meant to step in. 2023 is off to a great start. I know this spiritual awakening and ownership of all parts of myself I have been on this past year will just continue to unravel as it is meant to be. So with that said, drum roll, please… Michelle’s 2023 Words or Phrases - Commitment to Self Open Heart Open Mind Ready to receive Eager to serve Showing up at whole and all soul Abundance to the fullest form

Clearly, I have been processing through much that allows me to come to a thoroughly thought out process. These words and phrases I have selected are a continuum of things I have been working through this year that I want to own more outwardly. As one works through one area, they uncover another, and so on… It may just be one word when you are just starting. I then take these words or my vision to a vision board or journal as another way to hold myself accountable for what I want to create this year! It’s one of my favorite workshops I facilitate!

If you haven’t settled on your word for the year, allow me to help! I can coach you more deeply through this process, and it’s powerful. When thinking about choosing a word for the year, we must do personal introspection. Grab your journals, find a quiet space, and dig deep! My recommendation is to do what is right for you. Here are some prompts to get you thinking about your 2023 word(s) or phrase if you choose: 1. What are your core values? A value is a standard that you hold yourself to in every aspect of your life. What are the qualities that make you uniquely you? For example, do you value being honest with the people in your life? Maybe honesty and transparency are one of your core values. Some other core values to get you thinking could be dependability, empathy, and loyalty. Let’s do a Value You session and work through these concepts to clarify where you are motivated and where you choose. 2. What do you hope to achieve this year? Our traditional “new year’s resolutions” don’t work. I know each of us has at least one goal we’d like to achieve this year, big or small. Think about what you’d like to accomplish…how does this goal fit in with your word for the year? You also know that I like to use SMART goals framework as a successful framework for goal setting. When I coach people, I like to look at their lives through the lens of (8) different categorical areas using the Wheel of Life as a framework.

3. Ideally, how do you want to show up as YOU in this life? Are you clear on your greatest gifts? What do you love about this life we live? What do you need more of? What do you need less of? Have you established good habits? Do you have a roadmap to get there? I genuinely think we all have some ideas about these questions, even when you articulate to me you do not - ha ha ha! Do you wish to be someone who makes others feel loved or to be loved in the way you want to receive it? Do you like being seen as the friend group's comedic relief? Whatever the case, how can you lean into this more and truly embody those characteristics this year?

Still looking for inspiration to strike? Check out what some of my community members have set for their words this year!

I have asked a few clients, friends, and family that share my practice, and here are some of the words they shared with me: Freedom, Journey - many types, including psychedelics lol, Clarity, Confidence, Truth, Peace, Rest, Revival, Alignment, Joy, Adventure, and Commitment.

All these “words” are things these individuals lack from their own life, so I ask you, what is it that you want MORE of in 2023? And how will you commit to inviting more of that into your life? You count and matter. These questions are clues to your word for this year. Try it out. I promise you this structure of healthy habits will help you!

So, what are you waiting for?! Let’s take action. Remember, action leads to attraction. Attraction leads to actualization. Step through the door, get curious, embrace all opportunities and embrace this new year! And when you need a partner on this journey, I’m here to receive and serve you in partnership, showing up whole with my entire soul! You see, I tied it all back to my words for this year because they are all linked and connected from head to heart to breath. Together we CAN! I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Be well. Do well. All my best,

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If you are looking for inspiration as you start the new year my suggestion is for you to tap into these entertaining and enlightening interviews.

I've listed our last 3 interviews for your enjoyment in the event you missed out of listening during the busy holiday season!


Natasha Sizlo, the author of All Signs Point to Paris - A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Destiny.

Ele Keats is the founder of Ele Keats Jewelry - a company and a brand born of a spiritual assignment and the mother of invention.

Chef Anne Thornton is a classically trained chef known for creating delicious, nutrient-dense, plant-based food to help people heal themselves.

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