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Be Anything! Design Your Dream Life

Did you know I was a Barbie girl? What I mean by this is, I worked for Mattel corporate on the Barbie brand as a brand marketer in my prior career.  In fact, I it was a childhood dream of mine to work for the maker of Barbie. There used to be a commercial for Barbie and a silly jingle that’s nearly impossible to get out of your head. It goes like this, “Be who you wanna be! B-A-R-B-I-E! Barbie Girl!” Let’s think about that for a second. Do you believe you can be anything? Have you ever tried to be anything? 

This may be a HOT take, but having it all IS possible. To be clear, I wasn't always this confident in myself or my choices. When you search this topic, it’s interesting to me that most articles say you cannot be anything you want to be. Now, let’s get one thing clear: I’m not saying that you will have it all as you walk through a perfectly paved life. Life is not always seamless. It requires real work

1. Dream Diary: Sketching the Glamorous Pages of Your Dream Life!

As a child, I shared the universal dream of the Barbie Dreamhouse—a place where every detail mirrored my childhood vision of the most joyful life. The allure of this playhouse lay in its promise to encapsulate all my dreams in one tangible space. I envisioned my promising future, my ideal living environment, a sanctuary decorated with bright colors that resonated with me, and plenty of Barbies spanning my abundant interests. As the years unfolded, the gap between childhood fantasies and the reality of societal expectations, familial influences, and external pressures became increasingly apparent. 

I had to take a step back…okay, maybe a hop, skip, and a jump back and really dig into how I actually wanted my life to look. Enter the Barbie Dreamhouse! It’s pink and has an elevator that will take you to the tip-top of your dreams. Just like arranging the perfect furniture and decorating the Dreamhouse, I began envisioning each aspect of my ideal life, carefully placing goals and aspirations in the rooms of my imagination. What does your dream life look like?

Picture the Barbie Dreamhouse as a metaphor for life's diverse paths. The first floor could be an entry-level job. It is where you lay the foundation of your professional journey. Climb the staircase to the second floor, resembling the warmth of a family, where you nurture personal connections and create a home. As you ascend to the third floor, you enter a space where your passions and aspirations seamlessly meld into your ultimate life vision. Just like the Dreamhouse! Each level represents a distinct aspect of your journey. Yet, it's the entirety of this dreamy dwelling that reflects the harmony of every life aspect working together, creating a masterpiece uniquely yours!

2. Dream it! Do it! Strut Your Stuff on the Pink Carpet of Life!"

My journey to Mattel, the very creator of the Barbie Dreamhouse, felt like a culmination of fate and childhood dreams intersecting. Entering the workforce at Mattel was not just a job; it was a unique global opportunity to contribute to creating toys that held a special place in the hearts of countless children, including my younger self. I lived off the excitement of working for a company that was pivotal in shaping my childhood fantasies.

I witnessed the meticulous process of turning ideas into reality. From brainstorming sessions that echoed creativity to seeing prototypes evolve into beloved toys, the experience was a journey through the imagination, reminding me of the dreams that initially inspired my career path. The sense of pride and connection to the nostalgia of the dreamhouse was palpable as I played a part in crafting the narrative of playtime for countless children.

However, as the years unfolded, the enchantment began to fall with it, and a sense of uncomfortableness and disquiet settled in. The burnout and dissatisfaction stemmed from a profound realization: the dream I was living was not truly my own. The pressure to conform and mirror the scenes of corporate life depicted in movies, like Barbie, about the industry left me questioning if I was constructing my dreamhouse or merely replicating a template handed down by a patriarchal blueprint. 

Envision your goals as secret rooms waiting to be uncovered. Break down those big dreams into manageable, doll-sized tasks, each one a stepping stone leading you through the maze of possibilities. Embark on a journey that's as unique as your favorite Dreamhouse. Let the planning party commence, and let's transform those lost moments into an enchanting quest for your dream-filled haven! This is truly the power of transformational coaching at it's best!

3. Commit to Your Dream - Choices and Contingencies - Even Dream Dolls Have Backup Plans!

A dream is just a dream until we develop a plan and start to take action.  Every action has a reaction and once you start to move toward your goals you definitely feel a shift which can accompany fear!  All choice comes with consequences and contingencies. If I choose this, then that will or will not occur.  These are all part of the decision-making process once we get there, wherever there is for you.  Most people stop themselves before they even get started, and their fears of all the things that cannot possibly happen kick in.  This is where commitment, community, clarity and vision are so important.

If you’re wondering how to manage your choices and develop alternative routes to get to your dream world, I have a fantastic community of like-minded women who would be delighted to have you! Join our MembHership, where the party is always pink and filled with a community like your personal glittery cheer squad. Of course, if you prefer a more indivdual approach you can always schedule a coaching call with your head cheerleader Michelle – this would most definitely be an opportunity to refine your discovery process, unlock your potential, and embark on a transformative journey with a supportive guide by your side. The road to a flourishing life is brimming with choices; and honestly there is no better way than to embark on this journey together!

Choosing your path and preparing for the unexpected is important, especially when you're caught up in the excitement of "being anything you want to be.” Every decision you make carries consequences though you may not know it, and having backup plans in place is a good safety net for your journey.

But let's face it, many of us hold ourselves back before even taking the first step. We let the fear of the unknown and the things that seem impossible stop us. That's where having a clear vision becomes immensely crucial.

Life is full of different choices and sometimes competing choices, and the road to a fulfilling life can be rocky. This is where is becomes extremely important to know and own who you are - this most definitely becomes clear with being aligned with your values. The Value You game and workshop I host is of great benefit for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding. You can schedule a one on one session for this as well. Let's take this journey together, making sure each decision brings you closer to the vibrant life you've always imagined.

As we embark on a new journey in the new year, 2024, there is an essential aspect of considering the clarity you must gain from your current situation. Are you living in your dream house right now? And if you aren’t, how should you change your life to find your purpose, gain clarity, and put yourself in a position you are proud of? If you are not, take action and do what you want.

Unlock the potential within you and transform your life blueprint at our upcoming Visioning Workshop on January 17 from 5:30 to 7:30 at Unplug Meditation! Join us for an immersive experience where we'll guide you through the steps to actualizing your very own Dreamhouse and breathing life into your goals. Take advantage of this opportunity to shape the path to your aspirations. Reserve your spot now, and let's craft a vision that turns your dreams into reality!

Remember, you have the power to be anything you want to be. Don't conform to societal norms; define your true path and pursue your dreams. The essence of "Be Anything Barbie" is not just a childhood theme but a timeless mantra for life. As you enter the new year, embrace the opportunity to gain clarity, redefine your purpose, and build the dream house that authentically reflects who you are and who you want to become because you can be anything you want to be. Most importantly, be YOU. The beautiful whole YOU.

Be Well.  Do Well.

All my Best,

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