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Be Well. Do Well.

How are you doing? No, actually, let’s check-in! Who’s experiencing Covid Burnout? I am! I still have all three kids home and my husband! God help me! With the year we’ve had, we should be doing these wellness checks often. So, go ahead, let it out! I’m all ears...or all screen. Regardless, take some time to breathe in and out and check-in with yourself. Did you know that it only takes 16 seconds of breathingto shift your brain and perspective? That’s about 3 deep breaths in and out. Awe, I feel better already! And you can too!

EmpowHer Purpose believes in the importance of wellness, but I also want to highlight that business and wellness thrive off each other. We know and acknowledge that 2020 was a tough year and 2021 has started off with some challenges as well. Clearly, all of this is not easy to navigate. Some people have been super motivated towards their goals and others have been barely surviving, not thriving! Everyone handles crisis differently, but we want to give you some tools to thrive. Did you know that 2021 is 25% over? So it's time to step in and grow! I have used this phrase for quite some time, if you want to Go you have to Grow, and if you want to Grow you have to Go - they go hand in hand. Mano y Mano! Growth is not always easy, but we must create daily habits to form our version of success. Let's be honest, we have all had trouble with structure during Covid and may have picked up some poor habits along the way. Let's commit to setting ourselves on a path toward positive growth!

I have a solution for you (as I always do), our EmpowHer Purpose community has devised a 15 day Grow & Go challenge. This exciting virtual event starts Thursday, April 1 - Thursday, April 15 - 3 weeks, 3 mastermind calls at 12pm Pacific (calls are recorded). Click here to find out more about our Grow and Go Challenge! We know successful habits are formed in the first 15 days - we want you to commit to one wellness and one business action step every day to create new healthy habits for success in your life. One thing is clear, by focusing on the whole self, we create more success in our daily lives.

One of EmpowHer Purpose unique points of differentiation is that we focus on the whole self for success. We're not just all about business or wellness. We take a holistic approach to business that encompasses wellness and exemplifies that we need both. One way that I see business and wellnessworking together is through our core values. Have you stopped to work through your unique values? This is a key step in you knowing you, but defining how others know you too! Values are distinctly yours, not someone else's. Once you identify your core values, think about how you can incorporate those principles daily, so they are reflected in your business. For example, one of my core values is community, clearly reflected in all I try to cultivate with EmpowHer, bringing women together to connect and strive for more purpose in their lives. Community is also reflected in who I chose to surround myself with, women striving to grow both personally, spiritually and professionally, seeking balance in their busy working lives.

EmpowHer Purpose launches our MembHership community, Wednesday, April 21st for this reason - to provide a space to truly connect! Our MembHership is a community of like minded women who can learn and grow from each other to succeed in our business and wellness goals through expert coaching calls, group networking events, mastermind calls, one on one coaching, but also the balance of meditations, yoga, mindset activities and inspiration. I strive to serve women during the transitional periods of life and cultivate the space that allows for successful smooth transitions.

Three Ways to Integrate Wellness and Business into Your Everyday Life

1. Daily Check-In Reflections - Did you know today, more than ever before, we as an entire planet are more stressed-out than we have ever been before? I propose that we check-in with ourselves to evaluate how we feel, how we want to feel, and what practical steps we can take to get to our business goals. It only takes 15 seconds to shift your perspective. You can also do this with a friend via text - set a time daily to check in.

2. Talk Back - Kick Out Toxic Self Talk - Negative self talk is not positive, obviously that sounds pretty basic, but research shows that a predictor of success is positive self talk, so get your mantas out and ready! It’s time to push out those negative thoughts regarding your life and business. There is not enough room for those here! If you can, try to mitigate any false feelings of not being good enough or pressure to look or act a certain way. When we practice incorporating wellness into our business lives, we learn to let go of these insecurities so success and passion can take over. It is said, "Comparison is the thief of all joy!" and that can't be more true!

3. Love it...Live it! On Repeat! - Let it seep into your body until it becomes its own habit and understanding in your life that you cannot live without it. Practice makes progress - nothing changes overnight. You WILL slip up on your commitment to yourself, but you will get back on track and you will find you need it and can’t live without it. This step is my favorite! Once we figure out the values that make our lives and businesses soar, it’s time to incorporate them into our daily lives. Focus on the holistic approach to life: balancing physical, mental, and relational health. The core of wellness rests inside of our minds. Feed your mind with the positivity that it needs to keep moving forward.

Listen up friends, take it from me, you don’t want to be so out of balance where your business or job takes over your life, you loose site of your values (or worse your soul) and you become sick. Incorporate balance into your life now so that you can always return to it and learn from it. Growth is NOT a destination. It is a way of choosing to live your life. Challenge yourself for more in your life! In fact, when it comes to wellness and business, we believe and know that the two complement each other. We need to take care of our minds and bodies to serve ourselves, lives and business better. We are all on the journey of overall well-being together. Don’t forget that I’m YOUR warrior for wellness! Let's choose progress over perfection and seek more fulfillment in our whole life. Remember you need to commit to you - if you want to grow you've gotta go, and if you want to go you've gotta grow! This is the life you choose to live. Step by step, you grow closer to who you are and your goals by choosing to be whole not hole.

Be well. Do well.


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