Be Well. Do Well.

How are you doing? No, actually, let’s check-in! Who’s experiencing Covid Burnout? I am! I still have all three kids home and my husband! God help me! With the year we’ve had, we should be doing these wellness checks often. So, go ahead, let it out! I’m all ears...or all screen. Regardless, take some time to breathe in and out and check-in with yourself. Did you know that it only takes 16 seconds of breathingto shift your brain and perspective? That’s about 3 deep breaths in and out. Awe, I feel better already! And you can too!

EmpowHer Purpose believes in the importance of wellness, but I also want to highlight that business and wellness thrive off each other. We know and acknowledge that 2020 was a tough year and 2021 has started off with some challenges as well. Clearly, all of this is not easy to navigate. Some people have been super motivated towards their goals and others have been barely surviving, not thriving! Everyone handles crisis differently, but we want to give you some tools to thrive. Did you know that 2021 is 25% over? So it's time to step in and grow! I have used this phrase for quite some time, if you want to Go you have to Grow, and if you want to Grow you have to Go - they go hand in hand. Mano y Mano! Growth is not always easy, but we must create daily habits to form our version of success. Let's be honest, we have all had trouble with structure during Covid and may have picked up some poor habits along the way. Let's commit to setting ourselves on a path toward positive growth!