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That's what we are... I believe in the power of a connected community and women lifting each other up! Can I get a ME TOO or Amen or Namaste!!! Today I am sharing a story of true connection and the importance of building community! As I always say, it is a valuable exercise to stop, pause and evaluate an opportunity! And since this is the year of Oui or Yes in English I did just that. I am delighted to introduce to you my friend and colleague, Amy Hudgens! Amy is the Founder of The Nourished Girls Project! Amy is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Author, Speaker, Visionary and Mom Of A Pre-Teen Daughter.

Amy and I connected through the power of the gram, yes, Instagram! I have met so many talented female entrepreneurs eager to connect and seeking reciprocal support from one another on various platforms. She listened to one of my weekly Opportunity Knocks segments where I interview a female entrepreneur about how the take, make, create and evaluate opportunities and direct messengered me to connect with her about interviewing for her series for mom's and girls.

The Nourished Girls Project inspires and empowers pre-teen/teen girls to live their joy, be confident world changers, dream big and be kindness activists: changing the world by learning how to be kind to themselves and others.

Amy and I had the best time chatting about community, connection, inspiration and empowerment. I am delighted to be a speaker for this Interview Series along with many other talented female entrepreneurs that begins airing February 8th-10th! Make sure you check out the link for our interview launching February 8th!

Here is to raising confident and nourished girls!

Be well,

What better time than now to empower, inspire and educate our change-making pre-teen/teen girls (and their moms) with practical tools, guidance, support and information on how to thrive in life valuing health, wellness, joy, the planet and compassion for self and others?

This event will offer simple, practical, useful tips and guidance for how to support, nourish, inspire, and educate the “Whole Pre-Teen/Teen Girl” (and their mom) with her “everything's changing" in the areas of health, empowerment, body confidence, self-esteem, puberty, periods, nutrition, and overall wellness.

What better time than now to:

  • Feel more prepared during your pre-teen/teen girls puberty and periods

  • Empower and Inspire our girls to dream big, live their joy and know anything is possible!

  • Learn more about supporting your pre-teen/teen with her confidence, self-esteem, healthy relationships and emotional wellness

  • Learn more about organic period products and why it's so important for our health and the planet

  • Get Tips on How to make Nourishment and Nutrition simple and easeful by supporting her changing moods, hormones and changing body

  • Experiencing more joy, hope and ease during this different time in our world

  • Creating more connection and community for our girls and us moms by providing them with tools and education they need to be the world changers they were born to be

  • Cultivating Healthy Habits for your daughters and the whole family

I’m inviting you to join in on hearing from health and wellness experts and thought leaders from all over the world… for FREE! Welcome to the Raising Nourished Girls Interview Series

These short 20-minute inspiring and impactful interview sessions were custom-designed for busy moms and are led by expert Women's Health Doctors, Thought Leaders, Activists, Empowerment Coaches, Girl Empowerment Nonprofits, Wellness Professionals, Motivational Speakers, World Changers and Authors from all over the world (including me).

If you’re feeling called to nourish your pre-teen/teen girl (and yourself) and learn more about what could be possible in support of Raising Nourished Girls Please click the link below.

When you sign up you’re able to:

  • Attend the Interview sessions around your schedule as they are pre-recorded and only 20 minutes each.

  • Hear from health and wellness experts and empowering thought leaders from all over the globe.

  • Have access to amazing FREE gifts provided by our guest speakers.

What better time than now for our pre-teen/teen girls (and their moms) to feel healthy, empowered, inspired, hopeful, joyful and connected!

Join us for Opportunity Knocks interview segment on Instagram this Thursday to learn more about EmpowHerment and Raising Nourished Girls!!

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