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Feelings are "NOT RATIONAL"

I’m exited to announce our newest EmpowHer Tribe Member and female entrepreneur, Fabiana Trosman of Not Rational. Fabiana has been a longtime supporter, not only of me, but of EmpowHer LA. In fact, she was one of our first collaborations during our launch event in November, 2017. Not only is she a talented designer, but kind, generous, and a great conversationalist too. It’s been a match for both of us, as I too love and support her personalized handbags, which each tell an individual story.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love creativity and fashion and appreciate a unique sense of style, and each accessory I wear has distinct symbolism. Fabiana and I met 7 years ago at a Planned Parenthood event, and I was immediately drawn to her. I was intrigued by her fresh approach to design to make something completely your own by showcasing and representing YOU! We connected over our latin heritage, passion for culture, fashion, and a mutual admiration for our mothers. Fabiana is welcoming and warm and quickly invites you into her world…her beautiful soul and smile light up a room with all those who connect with her.

Be inspired by her amazing journey and continue reading the paragraphs below!

In 1979, my entire family immigrated to Miami from Argentina when I was 15 years old. Moving to the states at age 15 was a difficult time with big changes; I left all my friends, and extended family. The hardest part was the cultural shift, Miami being completely opposite from Argentina. I was missing the connection and sense of community that I had in Argentina - life felt more spontaneous and everything revolved around food, family, and personal relationships.

My love of fashion and art started at a very young age. At the age of 9, my mother enrolled my brother, my sister, and I into an art class every Saturday for 3 hours. It was called “La Tortuga Azul” where we learned ceramics, batik, painting, and more.

This ignited my enthusiasm for art and I studied graphic design at Florida International University. I launched my career in graphic design, however, given that fashion was my true passion, I quickly transitioned into becoming a producer for TV commercials and a wardrobe designer for music videos. Thereafter, I moved to Europe for 7 years and pursued production design and art direction. I transitioned to New York City where I started representing my sister’s clothing line and was Head of Marketing and Sales, I successfully launched her line globally – including impressive forays into England, USA, Kuwait and Japan.

Combining my knowledge of graphic design and the fashion industry, I was inspired to create my own line of bags in 2000. I named my line “Not Rational,” after a certain therapy session focused on “Feelings are not rational.” Considering myself a very rational person despite it all, I decided it was the perfect fit! Like most women, I’m obsessed with bags and shoes – and wanted to carry bags that were comfortable, practical, simple and fashionable, while having a personal touch.

For the first batch, I bleached and washed the denim in my New York City apartment 5 yards at at time.. talk about distressed! It came with a denim flower accessory that also doubled as a belt. To be honest, it’s probably still my favorite bag!

For the Spring-Summer 2001 season I designed a small collection of denim and reversible totes blending striped denim mixes with solid colors. The bags included three or four individually designed pins in bright, eye-catching colors inspired by the name and philosophy of the bags. Frankly, I feel like I was ahead of my time!

They provided my first introduction to Barney’s New York, which has carried my bags ever since. Today’s bags are made with buttery soft leather, clearly a far departure from denim.

My handbag’s designs are functional and versatile (In other words: very rational), which can prove sometimes that NOT being rational can lead to great triumph. In addition, each bag has it’s own uniqueness, and can be customized to each person’s taste. It’s important to me to include personalization because it’s a way of self-expression. We all live in a world where all girls follow the same trends and dress pretty similarly, therefore I offer designs and combinations of letters that are very individualistic and give the person a fun logo that is unique to them. Since I let clients choose colors and size of the letters and stripes, they feel like they are their own brand, their own person. That connection to me is essential and even better when it's combined with fashion.

Throughout my life I’ve always treasured my sister and mother’s mentorship, encouraging me to be creative and follow my passion. I’m so blessed to have a steady source of strong women building me up and motivating me! As my brand continues to grow and build, I continue to support my sister in consulting and in future entrepreneurial endevours together, and curating my current line of handbags and accessories for future generations of women.

I’m happy to know women like Michelle from Empowher la who make it their mission to support and encourage women to step into their confidence and highest potential. We’re looking forward to seeing you at our Pop-Up this Thursday, April 25th 5-8pm and Friday, April 26th from 9:30am - 2pm!



Learning and growing with women like Fabiana from Not Rational are what inspire me to continue forward with our movement of women achieving the success they desire and being their most confident selves. Here’s to being fearless leaders!

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our Pop-Up this Thursday, April 25th 5-8pm and Friday, April 26th from 9:30am - 2pm!

All my best,


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