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Hello EmpowHer Community!

Beautiful, joyful YOU…I’m here to interrupt and break your holiday stress and madness! How are you holding up this holiday season? Stop for a minute, friends, and read this letter to distract you. I invite you to feel this in your heart. Indulge me by maybe even putting one hand over your heart and feeling your heartbeat. I love you, and I’m grateful for you! Every name, person, email address, and interaction makes a difference in my life! I’m thankful for everyone who allows me to make a difference in their life (an impact, if you will). Truly.

IMPACT was my word for 2022, flanked by three smaller words below it - Surrender, Flow, and Grow. That is precisely what I did this year. Honestly, we can never predict the outcomes of a year, and 2022 will forever be imprinted in my memory as a year of profound personal growth. I became familiar with embracing my discomfort. You know when you walk into a party and don't know a single soul? It can feel so awkward! However, we can invite ourselves to make new connections once we learn to embrace that uncomfortable feeling. I walk through the party of life in true Michelle fashion, dancing, singing, and laughing. I could foster complex emotions such as love, anger, grief, and triumph through the discomfort. I strove to truly live and commit to owning my highs and lows openly, which provided me with the sheer determination to come out the other side stronger. Frankly…all these are signs of true transformation.

The growth I experienced in 2022 is the type of growth that continues to feed me. Once the gate has been opened, you can’t shut out the signs that push you forward. So, I choose to surrender, flow, and grow with each opportunity.

As we usher in the new year and dance through the rest of 2022, I invite you to invest in the most beautiful gift of all…YOU. While I had many successes to celebrate in 2022, the most significant IMPACT was on my personal development. I dove head first into the moments one by one, releasing control, giving myself the grace to learn, and being open to all the possibilities.

My greatest gifts have come from being uncomfortable, letting go of control, and not knowing the outcome. You are the one thing you can choose to invest in and guarantee a result. So step in with me to the beautiful gift of life - all of it! When we ponder our words for the upcoming year, we first stop to think about the impact of these words on ourselves. It all starts within. Dream big and dance like no one's watching!

Happy Holidays! Sending you love, light, and laughter this holiday season and every day we breathe in this life of ours. May you enjoy your friends and families and feel the warmth in your heart! Cheers!

Be well. Do well. All my best,


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Cheers to 2023!

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