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LET'S GET SOCIAL - Learn from the experts on Opportunity Knocks

Do you consider yourself social? I mean socially active on social media that is? Since I started EmpowHer Purpose I chose to be socially active as it was the one "free" advertising tool that was available to me! And let's face it if you are an entrepreneur, our budgets are not unlimited. Prior to EmpowHer, I was never active and to be clear, I avoided it and had an attitude of "I have a large enough network and I talk to the people I want to connect with already." You know what I learned, I was wrong. There is so much opportunity for connection available to us through social media and communities like the online EmpowHer Purpose MembHership.

Whatever your relationship is with social media, we know one thing is for certain-it is here to stay and yet another way we communicate and connect. We all have a choice on how to show up in any situation, and frankly, social media is no different. It truly requires us to show all parts of ourselves and own you! Some people call it fake, but that's on you and what you choose to educate your audience on. In fact, it's a process of peeling away the layers to your comfort zone. In the beginning, I wanted to pretend to be the Dr, and someone gave me some smart guidance, Michelle be YOU - you are smart, charismatic and funny! You can be cooky, but very serious. Allow your audience to get to know you and they either buy in or not. Are you a voyeur, a poster, active or inactive!?!?! Are you curious to learn more and engage with any platform in a healthy way! Your way? For all the vilifying of social media, I have honestly met an amazing community of very helpful souls we want to support one another and for that I'm grateful. If you have a goal of becoming more social media savvy in 2022 join us for our Get Grounded and Get Goaling workshops the next two Tuesdays for one hour on February 1 and 8.

In recent months many clients have been asking me more about social and my journey from getting started to date. First it's not about the number - ANY number for that matter. One of the biggest obstacles I hear is overwhelm of how to get started or develop a feed or a following - you don’t need a social media person right away or maybe never - it’s about good content and consistency - what’s your unique message and value proposition? Whether you are selling or telling consumers about product, service or yourself. This is why a few years ago I launched the workshop Cougars On Computers as I wanted our generation to embrace the opportunity to learn, grow and expand our communities and connect in a different way.

Many people will tell you over and over...content, content, content. My suggestion is keep it simple, pick one platform to become educated on (because there are so many), in beginning it’s about getting started, setting realistic and consistent goals you can post and deliver valuable content in whatever your expertise or medium is. I'm here to tell you that you do not need to post every day, but be intentional about your brand and message. Remember, have FUN with it! Be yourself and people who like you and your offerings will gravitate towards you. This is yet another way the Opportunity Knocks Podcast can help you find real world guidance on how to approach your start in social media. Below are four people making headway in the industry(besides me).

  1. My most recent guest, Giselle Ugarte @giselleugarte was named by TikTok as one of the Top 100 Women to Watch on the platform. From accidental blogger to an international television reporter, morning show radio personality to corporate marketing executive, she’s also the Founder of Action-Forward.

  2. Romina Sacre is a successful entrepreneur and one of the 50 most important digital influencers in Mexico @rominasacre. Her most recent project is "Sensibles y Chingonas," @sensiblesychingonas - a digital movement where her passion for supporting women, vision, humor, and lifestyle are shared with her community through a podcast and various content on digital platforms.

  3. Lisa Breckenridge, @lisabreckenridge is an expert journalist and television personality for over 30 years! Lisa started the “Happily Lisa” blog to bring all things “lifestyle” to our homes and house all the best stories from beauty, to fashion to food and wellness. She is a lifestyle expert and influencer to women 40+.

  4. With her experience in marketing and building brands for women, Amy Stanton founded Stanton & Company (S&Co) with a passion for promoting and building positive female role models and messaging for women @stantoncompany.

If you have questions on how to get your feed started or how to utilize social media with what’s right for you, feel free to contact me at I would most definitely consider myself an expert on some social media platforms and the getting started process.

Cheers to learning and growing! Embrace the experience. Choose to see the good in the opportunity and leave the rest behind. Healthy mindset leads to positive outcomes.

Be well. Do well.

All my best,

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Back by popular demand, we are excited to bring back our Get Grounded and Goal Getting series over Zoom for two dates in February featuring esteemed goal coach Kristine Gardner @kgcaliglow. Need a moment to recharge and reconnect? This series is just what you need to feel a new sense of direction and clarity.

  • Tuesday, February 1st at 11 AM PT

  • Tuesday, February 8th at 11 AM PT

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  • Thursday, February 10th, 10 AM - 12 PM PST

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