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Are you ready for the Summer Solstice? Get ready for Tuesday, June 21, which marks the official start of the summer season! One of my two favorites! I love Fall too! Suppose you’re wondering about the technical meaning (from someone who isn’t an astronomer or meteorologist, LOL). In that case, Summer Solstice is when the earth’s poles are titled the closest possible to the sun. I know I’m ready for blue skies, beach days, and long summer nights with this upcoming Summer Solstice. Grab your earbuds and tune in to the EmpowHer Purpose Opportunity Knocks podcast! We have a fantastic list of guests that will spark ideas for you this summer ranging from highly regarded yoga instructors to tanning and SPF sun wear business owners and even authors focusing on tools to relegate anxiety! Tune in to each episode as we discuss some of the key elements of women’s lifestyle and wellness and ultimately help to guide you through this Summer Solstice. The perfect way to start, get through, or end your day is with some candy for your mind!


  1. Meditative needs - Shayna Hiller, Yoga and Meditation Instructor

  2. Fresh summer eats - Lauren Rashap, Founder of Lauren Living Healthy

  3. Summer soirees - Trish Healy, Founder of WonderTent Parties

  4. Anxiety & Mental wellbeing - Wendy Tamis Robbins, Author and Anxiety Coach

  5. Beach day SPF Sunwear - Christy Moody, Founder of Soliel Sunwear

  6. Tanned and bronzed summer - Courtney Claghorn, Founder of Sugared and Bronzed

Summer is one of my favorite seasons. Long days, BBQs, spending time at the beach, sun on my skin, boating, and sand in my pants. But most importantly, it's a time to slow down, be present to natures gifts, be reflective, realign, and remember what you set out to accomplish this year. Perhaps even complete the visioning you set forth earlier this year - love this workshop so much! I know I am revisiting my vision journal at the end of this month with a group of women. Accountability is key!

Enjoy this summer with friends, family, and loved ones. Hangout by the pool and tune in to our Opportunity Knocks podcast, or even schedule a one-on-one coaching call with me and kickstart your Summer goals!

Happy Healthy Safe Summer!

Be well. Do well.

All my best,

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Since we will all be soaking up the sun this summer, here is a friendly reminder to be mindful of your skin! Beautycounter's best selling Counter Sun Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF is my holy grail for sun protection and is perfect for those beach days since it is water resistant!

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I believe we can take, make, create and evaluate opportunities! This segment was created at the start of the pandemic for women to do just that - to realize they have and that there are opportunities!

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