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We are grateful for the gifts fathers bring to the world!

My father, Arthur Anthony Valenzuela was born April 29, 1938 in East Los Angeles, CA. Growing up, my Father couldn’t have played a more important role in my life. My Dad was extremely supportive, and encouraged me to take on any opportunity or challenge. He was the apple of my eye…whether it be a sport I had never played, a potential job opportunity or a disagreement with a friend he always taught me three key things about developing successful relationships. 

Communication, Negotiation & Comprise. 

These three words are more than words, they taught me to believe in myself and that anything was possible if we choose to communicate with each other.

As I was looking for a picture of my Father, I came across the one above which is from my wedding day, November 14, 1998. It is very meaningful to me as it marks a moment in my life where I realized the importantance of symbolism. While it's difficult for one to see with their naked eye, my Father is gifting me a ring. This ring was a symbolic representation of the three of us – Father, Mother and Daughter. A trilogy - similar to the trilogy I wear every day representing my three daughters – a metaphorical reminder of what is important in life – Family – remembering where you came from and the essence of who you are at your core.

When I think of my own Father, there are four words that come to the forefront of my mind to describe him: determined, generous, tenacious, and quiet-strength. I am grateful as he imparted these core qualities to me as some of my guiding elements day to day.

I am forever appreciative to have a Father that guided me and the wisdom he has shared along my journey. Thank you, Dad, you are still the apple of my eye no matter how old I get…I LOVE YOU!

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