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Whats So Woo Woo? - Discovering the Akashic Records.

Have you heard the term "Woo Woo?" Woo is often used when referring to various forms of spirituality. Let me ask you something, are you willing and open to trying new things? I am, as I think you know. I challenge myself to come from an open non-judgmental space to learn and grow. Sometimes the older we get, the more closed off we become to new experiences. When we're young, we approach life with childlike wonder. We were filled with a hunger for knowledge fueled by curiosity. In fact, that’s still my belief system to remain curious and play every day, even on those tough days.

I have long been called highly intuitive with the ability to see things. I see myself as someone who views aspects of life and people long before my clients, friends or family can digest what I say or see. Then, they later come back and say, “How did you know that?” When I was young, I would see things in people. Now I know I was sensing their essence or energy, both light and dark. I, of course, considered it "weird" back then, so I would ignore the signs, doing everything in my power to make them disappear or shut it off. When I left the corporate world, everything in my life unraveled, and deep personal growth was a big part of learning and leaning into me. The me that I had lost along the way by being who others thought I needed to be or thinking that was the way to success. This is one reason stepping into change and transformation is so important to me to truly own and know who you are at your core. Never giving it away or loosing it for someone or something. Owning my most recent gift, skill, or offer was just one more way of expanding my coaching practice and embodying all parts of me. I always dabbled in new experiences, and thought that once I felt ready to share, I would launch. Notice I use the word ready, not perfect. Whether it be marketing, coaching, EmpowHer, yoga, a meditation etc. I've been exploring, discovering, practicing, and working toward great goals my entire life. I have been determined to see where each new experience fits, even when it may appear I am just popping the “latest” obsession into my life. I love structure; it allows my goals to come alive and for me to feel alive by the accomplishment of them.

In my 30s prior to leaving the corporate world, I experienced a violent allergic reaction instigated by being constantly immersed in stress. Fight or flight is a place I do thrive in although clearly not if it brought me to sickness. It was and is an addiction I constantly reframe through sometransformative toolsI utilize to ground myself. Due to this traumatic experience, I explored alternative healing forms to try to "fix" myself. From that point (20 years ago mind you), I traveled into the worlds of Qigong, chakra cleansing, reiki, acupuncture, metaphysics, meditation and many other forms of healing and spirituality. Through each modality of spiritual practice, I gained a new perspective into a part of me not always known to the world (even through social media). I adopted tools that would allow me to move through whatever healing process I needed to experience, whether physical or emotional. It also allowed me to impart these gifts to my clients allowing them to go deeper. It was truly a learning experience and knowing myself on the deepest level. I now know it’s not about fixing myself it’s about loving myself all part of me, even the shadow sides. True self-love.

So what are the Akashic Records anyway? The Akashic Records (AR) are the energetic space that stores your soul's history - past, present, and future. It is considered a visual, auditory and sensory journey. Metaphorically speaking, it is considered the Google of your soul, the storage of your souls history.

I have been giving readings over the past few years. Many people have had profound experiences and realizations, including myself. Feel free listen to a video testimonial here or read some of the testimonials on my website. But how was I guided to read the Akashic Records? Well, I listened. I distinctly remember the moment and the night! If you pay close attention there are signs that exists all around us. Getting curious if you will. The records ultimately found me. Serendipitously or not I pressed the purple podcast app on my phone. It cued to this podcast by Laura Coe, my now teacher, called the "Art of Authenticity,", I never really listened to her podcast. She was recounting to her audience how she found her way to these Akashic Records. Riveted and chills on my arms I truly asked myself the question, "Maybe I am meant to read the records?". Later, I found out I was already energetically connected to Laura, she had come to speak with my original women's group when I could not attend, I had her books on my bookshelf and she was childhood friends with one of my dear friends. The synchronicities go on to be honest, but this story can be saved for our reading or a coaching session. Needless to say I listened to my calling, my spiritual dharma and seeped deep into this opportunity. You might be asking yourself the question, how does a reading serve me? Or what reason do I book a reading? It's not so woo woo, it's just simple guidance.

If you have ever felt stuck, lost, or confused, a reading will help provide the utmost clarity on moving forward. It’s an energetic space to guide you to allow you to receive guidance to help you on your healing journey. You will ask the records a question or a few and acquire information. This is a process not unlike when you work with me for coaching, but this time you receive direct guidance within an hour or sometimes less. We all know time is one thing we do not have enough of so if we can receive some tips and tools along the way it makes all the difference in our success story.

The Akashic Realm and reading are meant to guide you to your highest good at this moment! Remember that everyone has free will or choice to go or move in whatever direction. All things happen for a reason and in divine timing. We are meant to evolve, learn, and grow through collective experiences. These experiences help our souls continue to develop on their journey and soul plan.

Let me help get YOU started, I compiled a few questions in (5) different categories including finance, relationships, career etc. to help guide you on your journey.

So, now does that sound so Woo Woo? Clearly not. It's just accessible guidance. At this mid-life stage, I now know I am being called to be honest and own who I am. To STEP IN, as I say! In July of 2021, I had a kundalini awakening that led to this journey. It's been transformative, to say the least…there have been scary and exhilarating times you may have heard me reference along with the Akashic Records in my bday episode with Neidda Marshall Episode 68.

So I've added this amazing tool and gift to my list of offerings at EmpowHer Purpose - Why? It's truly changed my life and the lives of those I have read. It has given me some of my most profound guidance and insight. You know that service is at the forefront of my values and I have the desire to help inspire lasting change in those I coach or those that merely desire the insight into their lives from a reading.

If you have been reading along perhaps you are super curious and I have ignited your imagination and you now know you would like to book a session or merely get some clarity. Please go to my website and book a session!

I believe we are all here on this journey to learn, heal, and grow through our collective experiences. There are always obstacles or things that stop us from moving forward in our life or that hinder us, but the question is why? This is where accessing the Akashic Records supports us. Sometimes we are blessed along the way to meet other souls to help guide us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and each person's roles in our lifetime(s).

When I am experiencing a transition, I call upon my team of people to seek guidance and assistance to allow the process to flow and move smoothly. I have many I seek support from, whether that be a coach, medium, therapist, friend, or colleague. Of course, I always seek the support of my community which is why I started the MembHership for others to have this gift too! I believe in the importance of using one's intuition and finding the practices that best suit your life and belief system. My intuition never fails me. It’s up to my own free will if I choose to move forward or not. What works for me may not work for you, and that's okay! In life, my suggestion for you is to be curious and explore the physical and spiritual world. So, what are you waiting for?! Nothing is too Woo Woo! It's all learning!

As always...Be well. Do well.

All my best,

P.S. Looking to create change or transform your life? Schedule a FREE call. Want to learn to live in alignment and discover you! Click here. Choose any of our offerings including: Coaching, Discovery Session, Vision Board Session, Values Card Session, Akashic Record Reading, MembHership, or Marketing Consultation.



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