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4 Ways to Feel Alive

How many days are left in the year? 128, wow… I think everyone this Summer wanted to recover and feel ALIVE! That is a common theme in my coaching sessions!

Do you feel the shift? Do you feel renewed? Maybe you came alive this summer! I know I DID. It was one of my goals! It’s August?!?! This is IT, before the beautiful Fall dawns upon us! This summer, my hope is that you have leaned into the aspects of life that give you incredible energy, radiate connection, laughter, and generate a feeling of bliss. Now, let me ask you something... When was the last time you felt pure joy? Once you have a moment in mind, think about that feeling of joy and the different aspects contributing to that joy.

New Experiences, new friends, and new perspectives are so important

to remain curious and not get in your own rooted way! Take a chance, my friends! Try something new, get out of the box or your own way! Enlist the help of a coach to hold you accountable and set you on

a path to success and growth. Why not take advantage of my FREE 30-minute coaching call? The only way to grow is to go; the only way to go is to grow! Open the door to find the opportunity that will move you forward in life. Just like the amazing women I feature in my podcast Opportunity Knocks. These women took the leap to step into their purpose!

Two of my greatest values are Freedom and Connection. Do you know what yours are? We know that so many people were left feeling the loss of connection and still are struggling with it. You know, Bringing my values back in alignment has had a progression this Summer starting with reconnecting with family and friends – meeting friends for the first time and dancing the night away, simple connections with random strangers, traveling to new and old places, and guiding my daughter toward her next transition, college, likely in unknown cities. The combination of all these things that bring us to life is what I like to call our “Zest for Life.”

What I want to touch on are different ways that we can really tap into the “Zest for Life.” Hopefully, this summer, you spent some time creating healthy habits that pave the road towards your goals. So let’s SQUEEZE these last days and embrace the energy that summer has to offer! While things are shifting, kids are starting to go back to school, and deadlines are fast approaching. Remember that technically this season of Summer does not end until Wednesday, September 22. If you need some tips on how to hold on to Summer, check out Holding onto the Joys of Summer here!

I love structure and lists. It helps keep me on track. We know that if you write your bucket list down, it’s more like it to come to life! It can be a bucket list of small or more significant activities that you hope to do at some point with the days left in Summer or 2021. You still have time to tally yours up! So grab some colored markers and a fun piece of paper and let yourself dream. If you’re stumped for ideas, here are a couple of items to get your list started!

Summertime is truly magical because it gives us the space to discover our dreams and goals. It’s not too late to step into something new this summer or forget the timeframe of Summer - THIS YEAR of 2021 and COME ALIVE!

Cheers to finding your magic and discovering your Zest for life!

Be well. Do well. All my best,

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