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Knock Knock - Opportunity Knocks Podcast by EmpowHer Purpose

Since Covid started, 1 in 4 Women is leaving the workforce. Let's take the time and shared expertise to support women to get started NOW! Time is ticking…

Do you have an idea that's been percolating for years? Need the tools to get started? Allow my fellow weekly Boss Babe guests to inspire you to step IN, not out! The Opportunity Knocks podcast by EmpowHer Purpose gives you permission to discover, pursue and achieve your goals and launch into your dream! Every week we feature different extraordinary female entrepreneurs on just that, opportunities! Getting started is an opportunity...a choice! These segments available on Apple and Spotify deep dive into how these courageous women transitioned into their purpose. We learn and reaffirm that LIFE is NEVER linear! It's how we as women choose to take, make, create and evaluate opportunities!

In fact, I started and stopped doing a podcast because I, too, had to tackle my fears and make choices!

If Opportunity is knocking at your door, and you do not know where to start, take inspiration from a diverse background of female entrepreneurs and their stories, with all their transparency, honesty, and bumps along the road. Their tips to overcome adversity are all on the Opportunity Knocks Podcast. Listen and Subscribe now!