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Hello Friends! I'm curious, have you ever noticed at the end of every single blog post or email my signature sign off is, Be well. Do well. Why do I do that? Well I have a very specific reason and intention for my "why". I do this is because my whole being and existence prescribes to the lens of overall mental health and wellness affords us the opportunity to create a successful whole person. I know firsthand having had overcome different physical ailments through my trials with stress that wellness helped aid in my overall healing both physically and mentally. My recent interactions with coaching clients has led me to this topic and the importance of emphasizing that wellness moves well beyond our food, physical and mental portions of our lives. You see when people think of wellness they often think of meditation, spirituality and physical exercise. Did you know there are (8) different categories of wellness? They are intellectual, environmental, emotional, financial, social, spiritual, occupational and physical. But what do they all really mean and how do we address them to maintain the balance of a whole healthy person.

There are so many areas to look at within the wellness category as there are so many factors that affect how we function optimally. If any of these areas is overlooked or neglected over time it will adversely affect one’s health, well-being and quality of life. Our goal is to have a balanced or well-rounded approach to these areas and promote healthy habits to improve one’s life and fulfillment.

That’s why my coaching practice and the EmpowHer Purpose MembHership community and the Opportunity Knocks podcast focuses and highlights guests who can support us to live optimally well.

Let’s face it – while the world has reopened it's never going to be the same and we are all still healing from our collective experiences that simply just continue to shift. One thing we know for certain is that change is imminent! So you are in for a treat, I compiled and curated our Spring Opportunity Knocks - Be Well. Do Well. blog post as a guide and reference tool to help support you in seeking the optimal YOU in your wellness journey!

In this blog post I am highlighting (8) women who thoroughly capture the different domains of wellness and whom I have had the wonderful opportunity to feature in my podcast:

  1. Emotional: Christy Desai, Founder of Okay Humans – A new talk therapy experience with the vision to heal humanity by prioritizing wellness.

  2. Spiritual: Aarona Lea, Founder of The Moon Deck – An oracle set of 44 cards filled with affirmative insights and self-care rituals to inspire each user to connect with their intuition and core intentions.

  3. Environmental: Sheila Morovati, Founder of Habits of Waste – A non-profit organization focused on finding solutions to shift the harmful habits of waste among mass society.

  4. Intellectual: Sarah Deane, Founder of MEvolution – The first diagnostic and development system made to accurately identify the mindset and behavioral blockers that drain your capacity and create a personalized roadmap of tools needed to relinquish your blockers. Get her free evaluation here.

  5. Physical: Rachel Blumberg, Founder of PlateFit – A new and innovative workout using medical grade devices that utilize rapid harmonic vibration, a unique means of destabilizing the body.

  6. Social: Liz Svatek, Founder of Warrior Women podcast, a podcast for women empowering one another to overcome obstacles and become their best selves. She also hosts amazing Master Mind groups for women too.

  7. Occupational: Romina Sacre, Founder of Sensibles y Chingonas podcast and influencer. Who knew years ago this would be a "real" career opportunity?

  8. Financial: (Teaser - being released Thursday, May 26th in time for Memorial Day weekend listening) Samantha Ettus, Founder of Park Place Payments – A women-owned company fundamentally changing the experience businesses have with their payment processors.

Remember to strive for more, become aligned with Your Word and Your Values in life, determine Ways for you to Feel Alive for YOU to live optimally and Be Well. Do Well. in all (8) categories of wellness not just a few!

Cheers to to this amazing life we life - embrace it! Spring forward!

Be well. Do well.

All my best,


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