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EmpowHer Soul-Full MembHership Exclusive Event


Are you in search of the perfect opportunity to bond with kindred spirits? I want YOU to join me at the EmpowHer Soul-Full MembHership Event, a truly remarkable evening to cherish our relationships and meet new people. What better way to spend your Wednesday night than in soul connection with the EmpowHer MembHership community!

📅 When: Wednesday, October 18

Time: 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

📍 Location: LAYA in Santa Monica

1406 Montana Avenue

I will be your host with LAYA, and together we'll immerse ourselves in a profound journey of soulful connections. Experience our community first-hand at LAYA, an exclusive event meticulously curated to elevate your life in remarkable ways. This casual gathering provides a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded women who share your soul-full spirit.

Prepare to be inspired by three remarkable women from our community who paved their own paths: Celebrity Chef Katie Chin, the visionary behind delectable dishes; Christy Moody, Founder of Soleil Sunwear, an apparel company that embodies sun-soaked stylish success; and Natasha Sizlo, author of "All Signs Point to Paris," who'll transport you through her inspiring journey. Want a sneak peak of these inspiring women? Click their links and listen to my interviews with them on the Opportunity Knocks Podcast. To receive an invitation please fill out this form.

Expect an evening of meaningful connections, insights, and inspiration as we embark on this enriching journey together and commit to ourselves through the back half of 2023.

We know women are in need of connection and community as it allows them to gather, feel seen, heard and acknowledged. The accountability also allows women to release their fear and step into their most confident selves to move forward toward their dreams and goals.

One thing is clear from all my years of working, leading teams, coaching and group facilitation. Essentially, your network is your net worth, or rather your community is your calling.

I know that without my tribe I could not have launched Empowher Purpose or the Opportunity Knocks podcast. If you show up for women they will show up and support you. When we are first getting started in our entrepreneurial journey, it can be overwhelming and having resources, a coach and an intimate community can help you get to where you want to go. Hence, the need to take all of these amazing women and open our MembHership Community.

Guess what?!?! I have an amazing opportunity for you that I don’t want you to miss out on! We know women who are a part of a community are more likely to be successful with their goals, and that’s why we started the MembHership where you receive the support you need to achieve your dreams.


Join Me at A Squared for Yoga in Santa Monica

Let me show you the way! Join me for a Yoga Flow Class Friday, October 18th, 2023 at 8:30am

A Squared Dance Academy 1612 Montana Ave Floor 2 Santa Monica, CA 90403 If you are interested, go to the link here or the link in my bio and fill out the interest form. 🙏🙏🙏 I hope to see you there!

Akashic Records

Reading Your Soul


I've added this amazing tool and gift of reading Akashic Records to my list of offerings at EmpowHer Purpose - Why? It's truly changed my life and the lives of those I have read. It has given me some of my most profound guidance and insight. The Akashic Records inspire lasting change in those I coach or those that merely desire the insight into their lives from a reading.

There are always obstacles or things that stop us from moving forward in our life or that hinder us, but the question is why? This is where accessing the Akashic Records supports us. The records help guide us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and each person's roles in our lifetime(s).

This story is wild! A surprising astrology reading sends Natasha Sizlo—divorced, broke, freshly heartbroken, and reeling from her father’s death—on an unexpected but magical journey to France, in pursuit of a man born on a particular date in a particular place: November 2, 1968, in Paris. Ooh la la!

Katie Chin left the corporate world to share her family’s recipes of easy everyday Asian recipes. With the guidance of her mom, Katie has four cookbooks and a successful catering business. Her weekly IG cooking show with her daughter showcases her passion for generational family recipes.

Hear about Christy's inspirational journey getting Soleil Sunwear launched all while working full-time as a non-profit professional and aspiring philanthropist. Soleil Sunwear is designed to unite glamour with outdoor adventurousness so that women can freely enjoy the benefits of nature while safeguarding their health and beauty.

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