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Get Down(Loaded) this Holiday Season with Opportunity Knocks

We’re in the home stretch and I am sure if you are like me there is so much to do. What do I do in times like these when stress starts to override? GRATITUDE. The perspective of gratitude is a gift.  Every day I choose to be grateful beyond the obvious mental and physical benefits. Being thankful can improve larger setbacks I hear from my clients like your positivity, mood, it can help with sleep, decrease chronic pain, risk for disease, anxiety and depression and build immunity!  If there was a pill that could cover these symptoms everyone would take it. I suppose not unlike tapping and tuning into our breath. It’s all within you. Heck, so if we know why aren’t more people doing it!

Gratefulness can also help you achieve more success. People like positive people and are more apt to help them. Speaking of success. We have a lot to celebrate with the Opportunity Knocks podcast. We achieved 95 episodes and released 20 this year! I have had the honor to interview so many inspiring men and women in both the business and wellness segments from storytellers, actors, to an acquisitions expert in hospitality real estate, to leading Fintech entrepreneurs, to celebrity mediums and the Founder of Mendocino Farms the highest grossing sales per square for restaurants. I am grateful for the time I shared with each of them and the gift they have given to the world. Their success stories and their astonishing accomplishments motivate people to move forward and know that they too can take a risk to realize their dream. You realize many times to create their success they had to relinquish control. Read that again. Yes, they had to let go. I’m honored to bring their personal stories forward. One thing I am told time and time by both the guests as well as my listeners is that I am able to tap into and help capture parts of them that so few people know. It’s the coach in me that can hear things beneath the surface that is not afraid to draw it out in them.

So what are you waiting for Get Down{loaded} and tune in to the Opportunity Knocks podcast this holiday season. While you start to wrap those presents or sit on the couch to regroup before your next family event. Bring this inspiration not only to yourself but do it for all those that surround you. My goal in any experience or interaction is to always walk away with one nugget of information and I am certain my guests will do this for you!

Cheers to a beautiful holiday season. 2024 is going to be another transformative year and cause for soul celebration. May the light within you shine out to the world.  Keep your heart open and radiate love to all.

Be well. Do well.

All my Best,


Debbie Johnson, Founder, Angelic Messages

Debbie Johnson is a Medium with a unique connection to the Angelic Realm. With 20+ years of experience, Debbie delivers messages and channels healing energy. Learn about psychics and mediums, overcoming fear, energy protection, angel time, and more.

Ellen Chen, Founder, Mendocino Farms

Meet Ellen Chen, Co-founder of the popular Mendocino Farms restaurant in Los Angeles. Ellen shares insights on uncovering opportunities, engraining values into business, selling happiness, creating repetitive success, and the higher purpose of changing someone's day. 

Heather Turner, CEO, Tamarack Capital Partners

Meet Heather Turner, CEO of Tamarack Capital Partners. Heather, a self-made entrepreneur, shares valuable insights on negotiation, impactful small acts, succeeding in male-dominated industries, choosing business partners wisely, and real estate investment. Find her on LinkedIn and don't miss this valuable episode! 

Sally Pressman, Actress

Welcome back to Opportunity Knocks! This week's episode features actress Sally Pressman, known for her roles in Army Wives, Younger, Grey's Anatomy, and Good Girls. Sally shares insights on Hollywood, life, family, success, and the theme of control. This engaging episode will inspire a more fulfilling life.

Tara Bench, Food Editor, Founder, Tara Teaspoon

Tara Bench, a seasoned Food Editor. Tara shares success tips, emphasizing kindness, continuous learning, and staying on top of trends. The episode also features insights on Tara's favorite chef, keeping recipes exciting, and her all-time favorite creation. 

Michelle Beyo, CEO, Finavator

Michelle Beyo, CEO of FINAVATOR, a Fintech consultancy. Michelle shares insights on success, giving back, balance, commitment, boundaries, and life lessons as an entrepreneur. With over 20 years of experience, her passion for payments and financial inclusion shines through. 

Shawna Wilson, Coach, Pickleball 

Who here has joined the pickleball craze? With over 14 years of experience coaching players of all levels, Shawna is a perfect fit for Swimply. Learn & expand your playing field and skills by renting a tennis court, pickleball court, basketball court, or even a gorgeous backyard! So many choices!

Kara Wang, Actress

Kara shares her journey in the entertainment industry, from making bold choices in her youth that lead to her success, to navigating the stark differences between her career experiences in Asia and America. It's remarkable to hear how she has carved her own path, breaking free from the limitations of cultural identity and challenges she faced.

Elissa Goodman, Founder, EG

Elissa's journey is a testament to the transformative power of alternative healing and the profound impact of nourishing our bodies with love and compassion. After being diagnosed with cancer in her 30s and then losing her husband to his own fight with cancer, Elissa quit her job at Vogue to study holistic nutrition. Her core values of authenticity, love, and compassion shine through her work.

Tanya Memme, Entrepreneur

Tanya Memme discusses self-discovery, resilience, authenticity, curiosity, and her experiences with plant medicine in this episode of Opportunity Knocks. Her journey of transformation and her message of embracing authenticity and taking the first step in your journey are highlights sure to inspire you.

Julie Uhrman, Founder, Angel City FC

Julie Uhrman is the co-founder and president of Angel City FC, the first-ever women-owned professional soccer club in LA. Julie touches on topics like diversity, purpose-driven leadership, pay equity, and the power of female leadership, offering valuable insights for soccer fans and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. 

Laura Coe, Akashic Record Reader

Laura Coe dives into soul-purpose discovery through the Akashic Records in the Opportunity Knocks Podcast. Uncover the transformative potential of the Akashic Records and explore insights into yourself via our accompanying blog post, "What’s So Woo Woo? Discovering the Akashic Records."

Olivia June, Founder, PYM

Olivia, co-founder of PYM, discusses the integral connection between gut health and mental well-being. Through her personal journey and the mission of PYM, Olivia highlights the importance of nurturing your gut to empower your mind and achieve holistic well-being.

Josh Borris, Founder, Core Development Group

In this special episode, the host, a coach, is interviewed by Josh Borris, Founder of Core Development Group. Dive into topics like core values, community, personal growth, and the impact of words. Join the insightful conversation on designing and building our own lives. Tune in for an inspiring and concise exploration! 

Sharon Roemmel, Founder, Practically Enlightened You

Meet Sharon Roemmel, Founder of Practically Enlightened You, discussing spirituality, Akashic Records, and the art of listening. Tune in for a brief yet insightful exploration of core values like connection, wellness, and creativity. Join the journey and gain valuable insights in a short time! 

Dr. James Owens, Founder, WIJABA

The host becomes the interviewee in a heart-to-heart with Dr. James Owens, Founder of The World Is Just A Book Away. The episode explores our multi-dimensional friendship, covering topics like transforming patterns, energy investment, and building meaningful connections. Tune in for a special journey through over 20 years of collaboration.

Victoria Jenn Rodriguez, Business Coach

Victoria Jenn Rodriguez, a top business coach celebrating Latino culture on @bankingoncultura. The raw conversation covers entrepreneurship, taking risks, and embracing Latina values in business. Perfect for those starting out, offering gems on tapping into your potential and navigating reinvention.

Nancy Hopkins, Founder, Eat with Nancy

Nancy Hopkins from Eat with Nancy Productions shares insights from her successful career at Better Homes and Gardens. The conversation delves into finding your people, bringing your A-game with integrity, and valuable experiences for those starting their careers. Don't miss out on this episode full of holiday wisdom and career advice!

Jen Principe, Stylist, Author, Founder, The Phoenix Effect

Jen Principe, a stylist and author of "A Common Thread" which combines faith and fashion, offering affordable styling tips with QR technology. Jen's non-profit, The Phoenix Effect, helps trauma survivors rediscover their identity through personalized photoshoots. She emphasizes the significance of listening to one's inner voice, aligning with values, and understanding life's purpose.

Chris Rivas, Actor & Author

Exciting news! The 95th and final episode of Opportunity Knocks for 2023 is here! Join actor and author Christopher Rivas for deep discussions on consciousness, silent retreats, and self-love. Explore tapping into the unconscious self, understanding life's purpose, and the transformative journey. Perfect for those on a 2024 transformation journey. 


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