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Balance the Mind. Balance the Body -Mindful Spring Cleaning.

Balance is always a hot topic in my coaching sessions. I consistently ask myself this question in daily self-reflection. Are you aligned? I return to myself, what I know to be my values, and what is important. If we emphasize one area, another area might fall.

People observe my life and often think I have everything under control. Ha! What is control? We have none. Life balance is a bit of a fantasy flower — just when you get close, many things get planted into your calendar and clutter your way. This is where the importance of having tools and accountability, like coaching, to redirect your energy, help you sustain your fulfillment.

One of the most important things when seeking to understand your precious life is to have a snapshot of where you are currently to know what you might be willing to invest your energy in and out.

You may have seen yesterday’s post on Instagram, where I discussed a valuable tool we use in coaching called The Wheel of Life. This tool allows us to evaluate our lives in (8) different categorical areas. It gives one a perspective on where you are currently and where you focus your efforts to improve your life to gain more balance. The good news is that you can access it for FREE on the EmpowHer Purpose website.

Allowing ourselves to integrate all areas of our lives and not look in isolation frees us. People no longer compartmentalize their lives as they understand one area affects another when they make choices.

Here’s a perspective shift, balance is not a destination but a constant journey. It’s OK to feel out of balance; it's normal. Try to approach it with the mentality of letting go and accepting. Life will genuinely never be perfect. Sharing is caring, and I’m all about giving you access to some things that will help get you closer to your goals. Another way to observe your balance in life is by using the MEvolution tool that evaluates your energetic blockers. This 2-min quick quiz is a perfect way to self-reflect and identify behaviors that need to be upheld, nurtured, or reinvented for personal energy management and maximizing human capacity. Don’t we all want to use our energy more productively? In fact, I find this tool so useful I have been working with Sarah Deane and her team at MEvolution to bring their amazing assessment to wider audiences both within companies and individuals.

I’d like to acknowledge that it's not easy to stay balanced, whether it be a stressful day at work, parenting, managing a household, unresolved past trauma, or social anxiety. After spending much more time alone over the last few years, we are all reorganizing how our lives are defined. This is why an attempt to regain balance and incorporate self-care is paramount.

Do you remember your Mom insisting you had a well-balanced meal when you were young? We all have the visual of the plate with the balance of fruit to veggies, to starch. We also know what you eat directly impacts your feelings and mood, so we wanted to help you clean up your act this spring by inspiring you with the Opportunity Knocks podcast from some of our favorite celebrity chefs who share their knowledge of the power of food.

Ellen Chen, Anne Thornton, Katie Chin, Tara Teaspoon, Elissa Goodman, and Pamela Salzman are some of the most popular downloaded podcasts. It is no surprise why; they embody so much of EmpowHer which is community, connection, supporting one another to reach our goals and fun! Plus, the bonus is they cover so many different types of cuisines.

They encourage me to keep a balanced diet and lifestyle, as we all are challenged by the complexities of being entrepreneurs and mothers.

One way I commit to cleaning up my act in the Spring is balancing my body through cleansing. One of my favorite cleanses the Elissa Goodman 5-Day Reset. I love the five-day reset as it does just that it releases toxins, kicks my cravings for sugar, and improves my hydration, mood, and skin. Plus, her bars are shipped nationwide and are a delicious snack for the whole family. Want to try a detox cleanse for yourself? Elissa has generously offered her Digital Download 7-Day Reset Cleanse to all EmpowHer subscribers with discount code RESET.

Looking for proof that healthy fresh food can promote happiness? Look no further than inspiration from Ellen Chen, whose purpose is to change someone’s day through food. Ellen sells happiness everyday at Mendocino Farms!

The perfect example of balance is Anne Thornton. I am in awe of her journey from dessert queen to promoting awareness of responsibility to our planet and the impact of food choices on our health and the planet's health. Check out Anne's IG for some delicious plant based inspiration!

As a busy female entrepreneur, I always look for quick, easy family dinner recipes. With several cookbooks and a blog, Tara Teaspoon offers many time-saving tips and recipes to unite the family. A family favorite is her Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe. The sauce is perfect, and we frequently change up the fresh vegetables. Gather the kids to start chopping! A delicious healthy meal in under an hour!

Pamela Salzman focuses on the basics to nourish the family and create balance and health through fresh, unprocessed foods. She has given me the confidence and inspiration to tackle any recipe or family gathering. Pamela’s Monday Musings offer tips on everything from organization and food shopping to culinary trends.

As a woman who left the corporate world, I was instantly drawn to Katie Chin, who also left the corporate world to share her family’s recipes of easy everyday Asian recipes. With the guidance of her mom, Katie has four cookbooks and a successful catering business. Her weekly IG cooking show with her daughter showcases her passion for generational family recipes.

Cleaning up our acts through mindful clean eating and our choices directly affect our mood, outcomes, and thoughts in our minds.

Replace the processed foods in your diet with more wholesome, healthy, and organic ingredients. Replace the inner thoughts in your head with positive thinking. What we think of ourselves is a direct result of how we feel and we want to feel good!

Bottomline when it comes to balancing Life is Messy. Give Yourself Permission. Many of us put too much pressure on ourselves to “do it all and be it all.” Be kind to yourself and be grateful for what you have accomplished. We are all doing our best – I must reset to remind myself of these sentiments daily. We are juggling so many balls - life is a balancing act — everything is in constant motion. Balance is a state of mind, not a measurement tool for productivity.

Let’s get those endorphins running and build that spring into your step! Let go and let’s go clean up our balancing act of life! I encourage you to live your life to the fullest by building community. We cannot attain balance; it’s a state of mind. It’s the realization that life is not stable but ever-changing. Achieving balancing is less about measuring our time and more about enjoying what we are doing in the here and now. So get outside and find your favorite scented flower. Take a deep breath in and let it out NOW!

Be well. Do well. All my best,

P.S. Looking to create change or transform your life? Schedule a FREE call. Want to learn to live in alignment and discover you! Click here. Choose any of our offerings including: Coaching, Discovery Session, Vision Board Session, Values Card Session, Akashic Record Reading, MembHership, or Marketing Consultation.



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Looking for inspiration and motivation? My suggestion is for you to tap into these entertaining and enlightening interviews.

I've listed our last 3 interviews for your enjoyment.


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