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“I’m taking my freedom, pulling it off the shelf. Putting it on my chain, wearing it ‘round my neck…Livin’ my life like it’s golden.” - Golden, Jill Scott (by the way, if you haven't listened to this song yet, check it out now while reading the rest of this blog!)

What aspect of your life do you keep tucked away high on a shelf? Maybe it’s nestled neatly in a dream box or crumpled between the pages of a well-loved book. Whatever that dream might be, take it out, and let’s review them.

I want you to envision your wildest dreams. Can you see them placed in the palm of your hand? If there were no barriers to success, imagine what it would look and feel like to achieve that dream right now. I want you to give yourself permission not only to dream but to take those initial steps to see your dream come to fruition.

Art heals is a phrase you may have heard before. It’s true; it heals the soul. It lets you get out of your head and tap into your heart. Allow yourself to let go of the expectation of what it “should” look like. It’s time to get dirty. Life is messy. Roll up your sleeves and do the work (she says to herself) - it’s OK to get a little dirt on you or, in this case, paint - allow yourself permission to close your eyes, takeyour hands and slather permanent paint all over them even though you have a brand new manicure - trust the process - you are held and taken care of…” It’ll come off, I say to myself; I think?!?” Lol. That is your mind talking - constantly at you.