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Say Goodbye to Summer...Hello to Fall!

How’s your Summer of Play been? Mine has been a complete S-U-C-C-E-S-S. Whether it be a day at the beach, a good hike, long lunch, amazing new workout, Pickleball with Swimply, family fun in Bahamas or making new friends and meeting new clients I have had fun. And I have the utmost gratitude for this luxury.

While the end of summer is technically not until September 22 as we learned from my earlier blog this summer called Soak In Summer - 13 Ways to Play. Most people mark the end of summer as Labor Day weekend. It signifies when all the children return to school and it’s time for us to refocus on ourselves (Amen) and some of our own goals. Whether that be a professional goal, eating healthy, etc we do know IT’S TIME; Let’s activate your energy. We want you to harness your efforts in the best possible way. Let's come alive this Fall but let's make sure we manage your stress along the way.

As we start to take off our hats to Fall, I have been speaking with many clients who are feeling the stressors that come along with the season; whether it be kids returning to school, individuals needing to realign with their habits or planning with their work/families schedules this time reminds us that change is imminent - time keeps passing. This is why I chose to gather a list of inspiring entrepreneurs from the Opportunity Knocks podcast that will help you on your journey on the back half of this year. This is one of the busiest seasons as a coach as people recommit to themselves and truly need the support of a community to hold them accountable. Let's face it, whether it be a new workout routine, calming our nervous system with the stillness of breathwork, being health consciousness, or merely reminding ourselves we need to protect our skin year-around support is a necessity in our growth. Here are a few of our guests I am featuring who inspire me everyday and will be sure to inspire you too.


Olivia, co-founder of PYM, discusses the integral connection between gut health and mental well-being. Through her personal journey and the mission of PYM, Olivia highlights the importance of nurturing your gut to empower your mind and achieve holistic well-being.

Laura Coe dives into soul-purpose discovery through the Akashic Records in the Opportunity Knocks Podcast. Uncover the transformative potential of the Akashic Records and explore insights into yourself via our accompanying blog post, "What’s So Woo Woo? Discovering the Akashic Records."

Julie Uhrman is the co-founder and president of Angel City FC, the first-ever women-owned professional soccer club in LA. Julie touches on topics like diversity, purpose-driven leadership, pay equity, and the power of female leadership, offering valuable insights for soccer fans and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. Don't miss this chance to be motivated and inspired by Julie's incredible journey and the magic of Angel City FC.

In this captivating episode of the Opportunity Knocks podcast, Natasha Sizlo shares her remarkable real-life journey based on astrology that led her to France, making it one of the most riveting episodes to date. Her incredible storytelling and book, "All Signs Point to Paris," offer an inspiring and must-read experience, sure to open your mind and heart.

Tanya Memme discusses self-discovery, resilience, authenticity, curiosity, and her experiences with plant medicine in this episode of Opportunity Knocks. Tanya's journey of transformation and her message of embracing authenticity and taking the first step in your journey are highlights of this inspiring episode sure to inspire you in your journey.

Discover the power of overcoming fear and embracing courage through Anne Mahlum, the founder of Solidcore, on her remarkable journey showcased on Opportunity Knocks. Her impactful work in fitness and social change serves as a catalyst for meaningful transformations, inspiring us to make a positive impact in our own lives and the world around us.

Kurtis Lee Thomas is a renowned Corporate Mindfulness Trainer and Certified Life Coach. Kurtis, a multifaceted expert in breathwork, NLP, hypnotherapy, and more, shares valuable insights on stress management, the benefits of breathwork, and the importance of mindfulness in the workplace, providing listeners with a taste of his transformative Breathwork Detox program.

Christy is the founder and creator of Soleil Sunwear—a line of super chic, soft, and lightweight sun-protective apparel and accessories for women Soleil Sunwear is designed to unite glamour with outdoor adventurousness so that women can freely enjoy the benefits of nature while safeguarding their health and beauty. Outside of her business, Christy is a non-profit professional, aspiring philanthropist, and a dog and cat mom




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Kick Off to Fall

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